YouTube has become a popular platform for music listeners as well as music composers. Almost like flavors of ice cream, you can find every type of music on YouTube whether it’s classical or hip-hop!  Listening to music is a favorite habit for almost everyone. That is why people who have talent for composing music try to grow their business through several platforms. But it’s not an easy task. Hence, experts have started hiring some agencies to promote their YouTube music channel. Believe me, some of them are the best YouTube music promotion services.

But the confusion arises while selecting the best music promotion service. Well, this blog will give you an idea of how to find the best YouTube music promotion service for your music. These are the following significant steps:

1. Make a List of Your Requirements

Planning is the foremost thing you need to do while going ahead of a task. Just make a list of services you are expecting from the agency. Make sure that the list contains only those things in which you are not an expert and really need help with them. For example, artificial intelligence technology and cross-channel music data analysis are tough tasks for which musicians have to pay for it.

2. Google Every Organization

The next step comes googling about each and every organization through a genuine website or blogging page. This has to be done because not every agency provides all the strategies. For example, if you need help in copywriting,  there are some organizations who cannot help you in it but are good enough in other strategies. Make sure that the selected organization satisfies all your requirements. If you landed up investing in an agency without knowing all its services then you need to invest again in another service in order to make your music perfect.

3. Compare The Selected Services

Your motto is to find the best YouTube music promotion service. So compare all the factors such as YouTube Music Promotion Packages, genuineness, reviews etc. of the organisations you have listed, and try to find the best one from it. The next steps help you to understand how you can find the perfect service.

4. Read Suggestions Of The Selected Service

There are many genuine apps for reading suggestions of a particular thing. For example, Quora and Yahoo are the websites where you can get your answer. The answers mentioned in those websites are always given by real people. You can not find bots on genuine websites. Some websites have fake replies which are always related to positive reviews, so be aware of it. So try to find people’s suggestions related to the particular organization.

5. Go Through Its Website

By going through its website, you can get many clues. First of all, carefully look at its URL. It should contain “s” in it, for example “https://”. The website should also contain multiple contact options like phone, email or physical address. Make sure the company’s name is not a domain name which is similar to other famous ones . 

Verify the age of the site because scammer’s sites usually have a short lifespan created recently. Soon the website will get caught and be banned, that is why they always need to create new one always. Also notice the ads. There shouldn’t be many ads. Company’s information will usually be mentioned in more than half of the website. But if almost the whole site is filled with ads, then just walk out! If they are redirecting you to their ad page without clicking on it, then there are higher chances for the company to be spam. But all the above instructions cannot completely save you from scamming.

6. Search On Safe Browsing Site Status

Google’s safe browsing technology can examine whether the website is safe or unsafe. You can check in

Paste the website URL in the bar given in the above link and it will give you either positive message or a warning.

7. Rate And Reviews

This is another powerful tool along with suggestions by which anyone can analyse the agency. Check the ratings of that service and also positive and negative comments of people. If you see more disappointing reviews, then you need to find another service.

8. Contact Before Investing

Contact with the company and ask them all the things related to their market strategy and how they can help you promote your music. Having a proper communication medium where you can interact or make queries, is important. If they aren’t showing better samples or instructions then try to avoid that service. Because no service will hesitate you to show the samples or ads. They will try their best to attract you.

9. Walkout If It’s Too Good

Scammers know that people can be trapped easily for high discounts and low prices. The best YouTube music promotion services cannot give you too low prices because they even need to pay for their employees working as marketer, web designer, technologist and many more. And all that salary comes from your investment. You need to pay a little higher for your music promotion, but trust me, if your music is gaining popularity, all those investments will come worth it.

10. Watchout For The Payment Method

If the payment method is through popular and trusted platforms then it’s well and good. These days hacking a bank account has become pretty uncomplicated. If you are willing to pay them directly through bank account number then make sure not to give personal banking details like PIN, card number, card expiry date and three digit CVV number.

11. Privacy Policy

Read the privacy policy and instructions carefully before investing. Watchout for poor spelling because legit companies hire content creators who are professionals and good at grammar. A few mistakes doesn’t make a big scene, but if there’s a lot of grammatical mistakes then think twice before proceeding.


Making your music famous takes a lot of effort. Not only composing music, you also need to work hard on finding out the best YouTube music promotion service. The main thing required for finding the best YouTube music promotion service is to stay alert all the time and make a good research on that particular agency.  You should not feel that you are wasting money. The best YouTube promotion services can make you realize that investing a pretty huge amount of money was worth it.