It might be hard and horrifying at first but you need to make unique content to stand out. Otherwise, you do not matter on YouTube. Before creating a channel, find out about your interests and weak points. Do not try to include every type of content into your channel. If you are a reaction, stick to that. If you are a tutorial channel, maintain that. This blog is about how to increase YouTube traffic towards your building channel. The main key points are:-

1. SEO-Friendly Content

The content title should be SEO-friendly. Your YouTube video must be designed similarly to the content when searched via Google. After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

So on searching certain frequently used keywords you can make your video available on the first page itself.  SEO is the best way to boost traffic towards your channel. But hold on!

2. Be Consistent

Before even thinking about SEO, upload videos frequently on your channel. That means that content regularly should be up your sleeves. So if you have the opportunity and apparatuses to transfer different recordings in seven days, everything implies doing it.

Pick whether you need to transfer one time per week, every other week, or one time per month, and stick to it.

3. Intro Video

Create your own unique and aesthetic intro video for your channel and videos. This intro will be the same for all the videos. You can get creative over here and use anything that you want. A good intro video is one of the best ways to promote your YouTube music.

4. Quality Content

Check that the quality is not sacrificed though. In any case,  you start to see a decrease in quality, you’ll before long be seeing a decrease in watchers as well. Video quality is very important to attract the viewers and make them stick to your video. I suggest setting a timetable. A schedule marked perfect in your calendar saves the day.

5. Video Description

Your video description matters. The most used and top-ranked keywords should be in the video description. The first paragraph should contain them. Include other social links. Do make your video description so heavy.

Keep the title catchy and the description to the point. This is because depending on the length, it gets hidden behind the ‘show more’ tab.

6. Communicate With Fans

Interacting with other YouTubers and your fan base is essential. Keeping connected with the people who make you is important. Loyalty goes a long way and it will help you to gain real subscribers for your channel. Connect with the other content creators and YouTubers. The communication will positively impact the growth of your channel.

7. Support Each Other

Subscribe to other YouTubers who have the same interests as you. Support them and they, in turn, support you. Push the bell notifications as well. Many would not know that you have been a fan of them as well. So what you can do is start interacting and send over a subtle dm.

8. Attractive Thumbnail

Use custom thumbnails to promote YouTube channel. They say the first impression lasts. This is the reason you wanted to ensure the principal thing your viewers grab their attention and consideration.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do that with custom thumbnails. Maybe than allowing YouTube arbitrarily to choose a picture, ensure you select one yourself that exhibits what’s going on with your video.

9. Call To Action

CTA- always tell your viewers if the video is of any help like it, subscribe to it, and push the bell for further notifications. CTA stands for the call to action. It means how you want your viewers to act. Be humble in your approach. Make your viewers understand that building your channel is a priority.

10. Online Streaming

Live streaming is also another way to increase subscribers count. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram have this feature. You can interact with your fans in this manner.

11. YouTube Advertisement

YouTube ads do have a purpose. To be very honest with this point, we as viewers do not like ads. Just when the beat is about to crop an ad starts. Though they are annoying they are useful for your YouTube video promotion.

12. Organising Things

Be organized in your ways. Group all the videos relating to a particular topic. If you are a cover singer, then the R & B should not be mixed with pop or with the country.

13. Social Sharing

Share, share and share everywhere! Showcase your page everywhere on social media. Sharing shows the viewers who are connected with you on other platforms as well the sincerity in you to build the channel wisely.

Mention your other social media handles in the video description as well as edit it in the middle of the beginning of the video. The more precise place to edit it into is where the CTA of your video lies.

14. Branding Is Important

Try and maintain consistency with your branding. Branding your page is significant regardless of the showcasing channel. Many components for marking your YouTube channel are free and ought to be exploited.

Redesigning the foundation of your channel, exhibiting your other interpersonal organizations, and making a custom header are only a couple of the numerous ways of marking your essence on YouTube.

15. SEO Friendly Title

Use keyword-oriented headings for the title as well. The search algorithm of YouTube is powerful enough if the right and exact keywords are used. Keep the title short and entertaining and find the exact keywords. Utilizing playlists additionally drives expanded traffic through related recordings.

When seeing a video on the playlist, different recordings from this playlist show up on the connected recordings sidebar to one side of the video. Since recordings of a comparable topic were put in a streamlined playlist, different recordings from target showed up and consequently are assisting drive with dealing with each other.

Related recordings are perhaps the most well-known ways of directing people to your current video, playlists assist with working with this traffic. The playlist shall appear almost every time to attract you to your comfort zone.


These are the many ways in which you can increase YouTube traffic towards your channel. Be diligent and consistent in your approach. Be patient and kind to yourself. Hurdles are there. Not a single doubt about it. Interact with your fans and ask them to share your channel and your videos.

You can even ask them to help you increase your subscribers. Last but not least you can also collaborate with other YouTubers. This positively impacts your traffic as well.