YouTube, like other social media platforms, is continuously changing. What was cool while YouTube first started out growing in recognition is not precisely what you’ll find on the platform these days. People now are using YouTube not only for business but also to earn some extras, for showcasing their hobbies and making a living in what they are really passionate about. Therefore, in order to grow fast, you need to know the tactics to promote YouTube channel.

Entering the market of YouTube is not at all easy, with the growing popularity of the platform the competition is increasing day by day. It will require little hard work and creativity all together to attract subscribers and viewers. And for that, you need to spend time on strategies to promote YouTube channel.

And we are here with a few points that can help you to promote YouTube channel.


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1. Identify Your Channel

Before you jump in to promote a YouTube channel, you must sort things out. That means you must have a layout ready of what kind of YouTube channel you want.

2.  Videos / Contents

Often it’s seen that many young YouTubers start promoting before uploading any video.

We know it’s tough work, but everything should be done in a systematic manner for better results.

Promote YouTube channel after you have uploaded two or three videos not before that. 

Because when people come to your channel you don’t want them to look at your empty channel.

3. Presentation

To promote YouTube channel, give emphasis to your presentation.

In order to give your presentation in an attractive way, keep the following things in mind.

  • The title of the videos is the first thing a viewer sees.
  • It can either make or break things up.
  • Do give a sweet, informative and crispy title to your video.

4.  Optimization

Another method to promote YouTube channel is optimising it. YouTube videos do show up as results for a Google search.

Being the second largest used social site, your YouTube video should be optimised in terms of tags, keywords and lots more.

For increasing your chance of your channel visibility you can follow these practices:

  • Title and description – use target keywords here.
  • Keywords – Don’t forget to mention keywords in the videos.
  • Engagement – In YouTube, rank is determined by the engagement of your videos like comment, share, likes and views and downloads etc.
  • Categories – Use categories for your videos so that YouTube can better understand your video.
  • Tags – It increases chances of your videos to be shown more by YouTube.

Using these tools, you can easily promote YouTube channels.

5. Understanding Your Viewers

YouTube is nothing without subscribers and viewers. Similarly your channel is nothing without any fans or audiences.

Even the main objectives of promoting your YouTube channel is for gaining more views and subscribers and similarly vice versa as well.

To promote YouTube channel you need to first understand your audience or viewers. What they are preferring and what they want to see in your channel.

You can research a bit about what others are doing. Look which of their videos gets more views. Even do note from their videos and comments as well what they are talking about.

This will give you ideas for creating more fun videos. You can also get the information by your YouTube Analytics.

6.  Engagement

Another effective way to promote YouTube channels is by engagement. Engagement means to comment, like, share views, subscribers etc.

The more engagement results in more views.  Do interact with the viewers in the comments. Try to like their comments. 

If someone shares your video don’t forget to give a shout out.

7.  Shoutouts

This brings us to our seventh way to promote YouTube channel that is giving shoutouts. It’s a simple technique but quite effective in many cases.

The simple theory behind this strategy is competition. Many new Youtubers are also coming into the limelight and want to make people aware about their channel.

So they leave no stones unturned and they also go and interact with other creators on their channels. This method can be beneficial in both ways and increase YouTube traffic for your videos.

Keep a shoutouts section for e.g. – give shoutouts to those whose comments you like the most etc. This can increase the engagement rate of your channel.

8. Thumbnails

As mentioned before, presentation is very important. Thumbnails can play a big part. 

To promote YouTube channels, customise your Thumbnails in such a way which attracts the viewers to click on your videos.

9. Cross Promote Your Videos

One of the best ways to promote YouTube channel is to cross promote your videos in your own videos.

By using the links in the description or by also mentioning that video in your current video you can achieve that.

This method might interest those people who were just here for a bit and the topic could interest them. 

10. Target Google Search

Promote YouTube channel of yours with SEO in mind.

Videos that contain product reviews, and have well researched keywords rank well. This helps you to promote your YouTube videos which in turn will increase subscribers for your channel. 

11. Organize A Giveaway Or Contest

Another best way to promote YouTube channel is by organising giveaways and contests.

This will encourage people to subscribe to your channel. And also it will attract more viewers.

You also mix it with some engagement activities like commenting, liking, sharing or tagging etc.

You can also give away gifts from your brands or discounts on your services. Be careful but, don’t forget to note the results.

12. Make A Series

Promote your YouTube channel by encouraging people to watch the series that you have uploaded.

First identify the series that interests your viewers. You can do it by uploading a single video of your chosen series option. Note the results and reviews.

Depending on the reactions of your audience, make a series. This will inspire them to engage with your videos and maybe also share your videos.

13 . Promote In Other Social Media Platforms

Other social platforms play an important role in YouTube channel promotion. Especially, in that platform where you already have a following base ready.

Inform them about your new YouTube channel. And remind them to subscribe to your channel.

14. Collaboration

You can promote YouTube channel on other channels as well. You can do it by collaboration. Try to collaborate with other creators from the same field or may be from others as well.

This will help you to promote and also share their viewers and audiences. It will be a win-win situation for both.

15. Trends

Follow the trends to promote your YouTube channel. Live videos are trending nowadays.

So you can also hope on trending things which can surely attract more people.

You can do live videos on:

  • Q&A
  • Live tutorials
  • Product reviews etc.

One more thing is on trend nowadays and they are shorts. Try making short videos like a glimpse of sneak peek of your upcoming videos or some behind the scenes etc.

Following the trend can help you to get YouTube subscribers as well.

16. Paid Ad Campaign

Ok, this method requires a little bit of monetary resources. You can promote YouTube channel by running a paid Ad campaign.

YouTube offers variety of formats, such as;

  • Display ads
  • Overlay ad
  • Skippable and non skippable ads
  • Bummer ads
  • Sponsored Ones

17. Regularity

The most important step to promote YouTube channel is to upload regularly. Whatever ways you perform you have to be loyal to your audience.

You need to understand that you are there because of your audience and so you have to keep on producing regularly.

Make a time table of when you will shoot a video, when you will edit it and when you will upload it.

Follow the schedule honestly. This will yield you great results.


So here, we have listed steps and methods which can help you promote YouTube channel. But you need to remember that in the long run one thing that will always be the best and most effective method to promote, is your uniqueness and your individuality.

People who will connect to you will automatically watch you more, help you grow more and will support you more. So, never forget the initial goal of why you started this YouTube channel in the first place.

YouTube can be challenging but with little patience and with continuous hard work time will answer your rewards.