YouTube has become the number one platform for content creators of all kinds. In fact, most of the buzz that their songs make comes from YouTube. Recently published data shows that hundreds of videos are uploaded on YouTube every 4 hours. Therefore, in order to cope up with the huge competition, you need to find the best ways to promote your music on YouTube.

Almost everyone is on YouTube. With so much competition, it’s hard for your video to gain some attention without proper promotion strategies.

Many online options are there where you can just pay some money and get YouTube subscribers. But those subscribers are not real ones and your channel doesn’t grow. Fake views and subscribers will do no good to your channel at all.

Here we will talk about some best ways to promote your music on YouTube and get real viewers for your channel. These strategies will surely help you get what you want.

1. YouTube Ranking (SEO)

Never ignore SEO. It is like a ladder that will help you to climb up the pile of other videos that are uploaded on YouTube. Many good music videos never reach their audience because of bad SEO.

To increase your ranking, use the most searched word related to videos on YouTube. You must also use tags that are relevant to your topic. By doing this, your video will get on top searches of related videos.

You can use tools also for searching keywords. There are hundreds of keyword searching tools available online. And they are really helpful.

2. Get Their Attention

People love getting curious about something. They tend to pay more attention to things that make them ruminate.

Putting a teaser before uploading the video is one of the best ways to get some hype. Post your teaser on social media platforms. Many great YouTubers use this technique to create buzz for their videos.

While making a video teaser, keep these things in kind-

  • Put Small glimpses of the original video.
  • Make it small and catchy.
  • Try to relate to your audience by making use of relatable slang.

 A good teaser will always give you a headstart and help you to increase YouTube traffic.

3. Make Use of Social Media

Almost everyone is present on social media. Facebook and Instagram combined have more than four billion users worldwide. Imagine how big that market is. It has become a whole other universe itself.

Posting about your video on social media platforms is the best organic music promotion technique to boost the views of your YouTube music video. When we talk about social media platforms, there are lots of options available.

Before uploading and advertising on social platforms, always remember-

  • Write intriguing captions.
  • Encourage them to give your video a try.
  • Post the best elements of the video.
  • Never make those clips too long.

By keeping these simple points in your mind, you can get an extra audience for your YouTube channel. Promoting on social media platforms will surely help you promote your music on  YouTube.

4. Promote Your Music With Promotion Sites

Many sites help you to promote your music on YouTube. They will introduce your music video to their genuine audience and will provide you all the help required.

Just go to google and search for them. A list of hundreds of such websites will get displayed on your screen. But only a few of them are worth it. Some of the best sites to promote YouTube video just claim to increase your view count but they provide you with fake views.

Always see reviews on the website to decide which one is worth trying. See their past works and how successful they were. Good YouTube music promotion sites will have customer testimonials. Do good research on the pricing. Some just put a high price tag to loot the customers.

In other words, getting help from a promotion site is marvelous but, you have to be a little careful.

Final Words

So these were the few best ways to promote your music on YouTube that could help you gain a lot of views and get a genuine fanbase organically.

Next time while uploading your new YouTube video, keep all these strategies in mind.

All the best for your music journey.