YouTube happens to be a great search engine that is only second to Google and a huge number of videos are uploaded every second. There is no dearth of videos on this trending platform that makes it ever so popular. This gives rise to huge competition among the videos regarding the number of views. 

This is the sole reason why businesses and brands have to find out the Best Way to Promote YouTube Videos to stay afloat and bring in the right number of traffic. Let us just put some light on the various to promote YouTube videos to fetch incredible traffic.

Advertise On The Social Platform


YouTube traffic can be driven with the help of Facebook ads as there are 2 billion users on the social media platform. If one can put the two biggest platforms YouTube and Facebook together one can create an enormous amount of traffic. One must understand the math and hook people with Facebook ads and start promoting with a bang. The results will be compounded with such an effort because SEO is already done on the YouTube platform. One must have thorough knowledge about the cost per acquisition and be selective about the target audience. 

Integrating Blog

Irrespective of the fact that a brand is a business or a personal one, a blog and a YouTube moves in tandem. The platforms for content management have made it easy for embedding a video for promotion. A blog will provide a fairer idea about the video with more details as it can fill the gaps and create a dynamic pairing. This can be done by providing a detailed description and title of the video before putting it in the various categories as part of a blog. This will lead the audiences to the website with the help of your YouTube channel.

Search Engine Optimization

There is a separate search algorithm for the YouTube platform which is very similar to that of Google. Videos can be promoted by leveraging the benefits of of SEO without additional spending. The ranking of the videos is done automatically by the algorithm and one can apply simple strategies to rank their videos higher on YouTube. The SEO can help the videos reach the target audience and help with regards to important parameters like ranking factors by doing keyword research, creating script, title, descriptions, tags, and asks for the feedback of the audiences. This can be done by video annotations and thumbnail customization.  


An influencer is followed, admired, and trusted by the target audiences of the YouTube videos. An interview with an influencer is a desirable one as they help in connecting to your brand by niche or industry. An influencer can be somebody who appeals to the local audience and can be a local celebrity, political figure, and athlete who can drive in traffic to the video. 

Creating A Brand

A brand can be created on the YouTube channel and this can be done by creating an intro. It will give identification to the brand on the platform and it will create trust and credibility. The intro has to be very short with a proper color scheme and font to showcase the brand. The outro also has to be attractive that is clickable and impactful.