The music industry is extremely competitive nowadays and getting signed by a big label seems impossible for independent artists early in their career. Therefore, you need the best ways to promote your music on your own and create amazing opportunities for yourself. 

The internet today has various marketing techniques that can boost your career in the right way without major backings or budget.

A Website and Mailing List

A professional website with all the information about your music, bios, attractive images and tour dates help you in presenting your music to the world in a comprehensive and sophisticated way. 

A mailing list signup form is a must on your website. It will create a large and dedicated mailing list for future marketing purposes. If a listener is providing his/her contact information, then he/she is genuinely interested in getting regular updates of your tracks. This increases your organic streams and views.

Get Playlisted

People often like to hear more tracks similar to the one they like the most. Getting yourself added on a playlist with some really popular songs can increase your credibility and organic traffic on your song. 

Getting listed on an algorithmic playlist on streaming platforms like YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. can bring a huge difference to your stream count and also earn you some royalties. 

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Electronic Press Kit is an absolute necessity to promote your music online. It is a document that has all the information about you as an artist or your band. It has details about your website, links to tracks and social media pages, etc. You can send this document to promoters, agencies, journalists, and bloggers to let them know all about you and promote you through their respective works.

Be more than a Musician

Your life is a fascinating subject for your fans. So, you not only have to promote your music but also yourself. Giving insights into the music-making process or uploading behind the scenes footages can help you create an engaging audience base. These methods facilitate building a connection between the artist and the fans. The good thing is not many artists in India are doing this, so the exclusivity of your technique can grab the required eyeballs on you and your music.

Play Live

Gigs and tours are the most enriching part of a musician’s career. A good live performance can build a loyal fan base for the artist. But, considering the current COVID-19 situation playing at venues can be a difficult task. The solution is already here. Live Streams. Live streaming can be an efficient replacement to live gigs. It lets you connect with the audience in real-time and simultaneously get their response and feedback to your music.

Ultimately, it’s your music that will bring you all the success. The unique and amazing tracks that you produce will determine your career graph and future opportunities. The above mentioned ‘best ways to promote music’ will act as catalysts in the process and enhance your presence among the people around the globe.