Every minute over 300 hours of video is being uploaded on YouTube. Improvements in technology and access to smartphones have made it easier to record and upload high-quality content videos. In such fierce competition, it is very difficult for new YouTubers to garner the required amount of views. 

Here is where sites to promote YouTube video come in as an excellent solution to the problem. They help in popularizing your channel, ensuring high traffic to your videos. For video creators, a genuine promotion site would be like hitting a goldmine. So, below are some tips for you to choose the perfect site.

Authenticity of the Website

The first step would be to check the domain name. A company with a trademark on its name will have a similar domain name. Extra words like “deals” or “super discounts” can mean that the site is a scam. You can also check the site address on Google’s Transparency Report to see the site’s safety rating from Google.

Also, the unavailability of secure methods of payment or unclear refund policies are also signs that the site is a fraud. Check its reviews on various different platforms with genuine responses to ensure the credibility of the services provided by the website.

Attractive User Interface

The site should have an existing audience base to promote your video. Also, a clear marketing design to provide all the information about the video is mandatory. A clear and eye-catching representation of all the necessary details of your video can help direct more audience to your channel.

Full Transparency

One of the obvious red flags is – lack of transparency. There are many agencies that offer you irresistible offers but with no credibility. Ensure that the website provides detailed information on bios, address, and client list.

The website should also have a reputation for delivering the views on-time. Timeliness of a video is as important as the content, so the site should have clear policies on the duration of delivery of views. Pricing details should also be discreet.

Evaluate Successful Cases

A site having good client references will always stand out in attracting viewers towards your video. Most promotion sites exhibit their successful ventures on their website but if not provided, contact the owner to show you some of their work. Go through their client list and personally contact some to get a first-hand review of the website.

Cost and Distribution

The investment you make should give you appropriate returns. If the pricing plan is too cheap but the website does not deliver real views then it’s a failure. Quality of service should take priority while deciding on a promoter. It should also guarantee you, promotion of your videos on YouTube partner websites. 

A genuine website will prevent your video from getting lost in hundreds of videos uploaded every day on the platform. It will lay-out a strategic plan to help your video climb the charts. Therefore, the above factors are important while choosing a site to promote YouTube videos in the most efficient way.