Ed Sheeran was busking through the streets of Los Angeles when Jamie Foxx found him and signed him for his label. In no time Ed Sheeran had a global audience and was worth $110 million. This all happened because of organic music promotion.

While there is no harm in hoping that something like this would happen to you, but relying only on this possibility would be naïve at best. The music industry is constantly changing making it extremely competitive for the artists.

Keeping that in mind, an exemplary marketing strategy is an absolute necessity for an artist to succeed in this digital age. Therefore, we bring you some tried and tested methods of organic music promotion.

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1. Trendy Music

Before even considering promotional techniques, the most important thing that you should pay attention to, is your music. If you instantly want to gain success then open your eyes and ears to recent trends.

For example, do you suddenly notice that bobby prints are back in fashion? Then write a decent song and name it bobby prints. Now, the song doesn’t have to be entirely about bobby prints but must have some relevance to it.

This may be a creative challenge to the artist but it can give you instant fame if executed successfully. And this way you can promote your music on YouTube.

Create Trendy Music For Organic Music Promotion

2. Music Bloggers

They are many music bloggers with an impressive audience outreach who can help you create the buzz for your new album or song. As a result it can help you get real views on YouTube.

Many people discover new music genres and artists from blogs. So, make a list of all relevant music blogs and try to get in touch with their owners.

You need to have a stellar pitch to impress them. Your pitch should tell a story about your track, emphasizing the unique element in it, along with all the basic information and the music video (if available).

Music Bloggers Help To Get Organic Music Promotion

3. Live Streaming

This is a comparatively new but highly effective method of creating a fan base. It allows you to instantly reach your audience from any corner of the world and increase traffic for your videos.

Engage with your fans in real-time to talk about your track/album. You can also live-stream your music video and get immediate reactions from the viewers.

To do this, you can choose live streaming features of any platform like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube live. Live streams are a great way to build a connection with your viewers which helps in boosting your music marketing results.

Use Live Streaming For Organic Music Promotion

Make Music Tutorials

Sharing your knowledge of music can increase your credibility as an artist. You can record tutorial videos about playing different instruments or music production for amateurs.

Create a separate playlist for tutorial video and categorize them according to the genre to keep your channel neat and user friendly.

This will not only increase your popularity and grow your channel but also make people eager to support your music.

Make Music Tutorials For Organic Music Promotion

Collaborate with Other Musicians

Build professional relationships with other artists. Try contacting music producers on the same level as you and collaborate with them for limited tracks to yield amazing viewership results.

You can also work with DJs to create a remix version of your track to provide multiple options to your audience. Also, collaborating with a prominent artist can significantly increase your subscriber base.

Collaborate With Other Musicians For Organic Music Promotion


If you are a worthy, talented and creative musician then following the above-mentioned organic music promotion methods will help you to find your target audience.

Also it will help to share your music with people around the globe and make them your fans forever.