YouTube is the second largest search engine and the largest video sharing platform. When you create a YouTube channel, remember it is very hard to get subscribers and promote YouTube channel because of competition.

You may know that promotion is one of the ways to get subscribers.

There are many paid and unpaid channels for promotion. You might find it difficult to promote YouTube channel because it is tricky and requires a lot of effort and money.

Here are some of the tips that are easy and don’t require experience or any extra money.


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1. Create A Playlist

Playlist means organizing your videos into one place. You can organize them on the basis of the recent videos or categorize them according to their content.

In this way, you promote your YouTube videos in front of your viewers which might turn them into subscribers.

The playlists are displayed in search results just like a single YouTube video. Update the playlist from time to time. Make sure that you upload the videos in series. It is a very easy, effective, and underused method of promotion.

2. Channel Trailer

A Channel trailer is the best way of promotion. They require one time efforts only. Decide your channel theme and complete your profile before making a channel trailer.

A trailer describes what your channel is about. These trailers are autoplay. Hence, turning your viewers into subscribers.

A channel trailer should be short and attractive. Mention the necessary details about you and your channel. To make it interesting you can also insert some tagline of your channel.

It should be interesting and compelling. Mention your best works or stuff there.

3. End Screen

The end screen is an excellent place to promote YouTube channels. At the end of the video, you can recommend another video.

It may automatically start playing after the end of the first video. Here’s how it works, the more videos they watch, the more are they likely to subscribe to the channel.

The end screen is a call to action where you can ask them to subscribe to your channel or encourage them to watch your next videos. This will help you to increase traffic on your videos.

You can also mention the upcoming uploads which may get them to subscribe to your channel.

4. Viewers

You can convert your viewers into subscribers. Many viewers may haven’t subscribed to your channel or the ones that are new to your channel.

You just need to remind them to hit the subscribe button. It is the easiest way to get real views and subscribers.

You can ask your family and friends to subscribe as well. You should mention why they should subscribe to your channel and convince them.

Lastly, give quality content which automatically makes them subscribe to the channel.

5. Branding Watermark

There is an icon on the corner of the video that reminds people to subscribe to your channel. It is very small so it doesn’t annoy people but at the same time noticeable.

You can either make your branding watermark including your channel’s name or logo. The normal red ones are more effective.


Here are some easy tips to promote YouTube channel without putting in any extra effort. Promotion can be done in many ways, choose the ones suitable to you.