It is highly recommended for an artist to promote their music video on the largest video sharing platform of YouTube. An artist must tap into the horde of traffic offered by YouTube that can offer them the best exposure and help them reach the stream of niche audiences.

Therefore, to get the maximum number of conversions and garner immense popularity, an artist must list the strategies to YouTube video promotion service and implement them in due course. Here are some of the steps for promotion for someone taking the plunge with their music video.

♦ Fan Engagement


The fans are very much interested in the journey of the artist through the content. This can develop an emotional connection on a deeper level. The artist’s experience can be shared by posting a short interview with an off the cuff video. The fans can engage themselves with such innovative ideas put forward by the creator. 

♦ Collaboration

This is not the era for opting for traditional means of music promotion. There was a time when big labels were only used to promote the new music on media and radio. But new fans of music are now more inclined towards mash-ups and covers by independent content creators on YouTube. The flow is with the audiences now and one must follow the way they are moving towards. Large production houses are collaborating with creators on YouTube and a wide reach is gained by tapping into their audience. This is a great strategy that has turned out to be fruitful for creators who are now powerful influencers. 

♦ Sharing Clips and Teasers


As an artist gears up for the launch of a new album or a music video the fans are made a part of it. The excitement is shared with the fans as some interesting and fun moments are uploaded from the clips of behind–the–scenes action and the recording process. Diverse cuts are created about the music video and the teaser can be shared for promotion.

♦ Tap Into The Other Fan Base


There is a dearth of subscribers and fans when the artist is just starting. In that case, an artist can pick up the music video from another musician that has a huge fan base. The artist can then make a cover out of it and post the same on YouTube. This is a familiar way of tapping into the existing fan base of a popular musician. This will make the fans of the popular musician to sit back and take due cognizance.  

♦ Spread the Message


Once the first video is uploaded to the YouTube channel the word of mouth about it is spread. A social media strategy is created as a basic step to reach people on social media platforms. The music video can be shared, the latest developments are posted along with other engaging content like polls, contests, and blogs to spike up popularity.

♦ Advertising on YouTube

YouTube advertising can help in promoting the music videos and offers great targeting options and the budget can be optimized to opt for this feature. The music videos can be promoted by using a 1-minute teaser by using various state of the art tools.