In today’s day and age, social media is hands down the best way to promote any content, be it music, blogs, businesses, etc. Social media promotion techniques are used by individual artists and big marketing agencies alike, to get their artists into the top charts and build a loyal fan base.
It is the unique and creative presentation of your content that helps you stand out and attract the attention of a larger audience. Therefore, we bring you some of the best ways to promote your YouTube music using major social media platforms to get you the required number of streams and views.


People love to follow a story. Everyone likes watching someone else’s life and feeling invested in it, even though they have never met him/her. So, as an emerging artist, you can start documenting every aspect of your music journey and engage people in it. You can choose what part of your routine you want to show the audience. It can be your experience in each gig, behind the scene drama, or even your recording sessions.
This strategy is a very organic process as you are simply capturing the moments of your life as it is. Also, as viewers tend to have a short attention span, remember to keep your images and recording short and snappy.


Educating an audience is a fantastic way to give back to your fans and earn their loyalty. It shows that you value them and would like to give them something more than your music. You can put this strategy to action by creating a tutorial of a peculiar instrument that you know to play. Or you can just show them how to play one of your songs on different instruments like guitar, drums, and piano.
This will not only educate people of your various talents but also make them advocates of your music and help you promote it even more.


This type of content is difficult to create as you need to have a strong personality to entertain an audience. Hence, the best way to entertain people is by creating a vlog where you take important and entertaining parts of a segment in your life and create a video diary for the same. You can also do unexpected covers of different songs, for example, a rap cover for an R&B song. It will be hilarious and extremely engaging to a lot of people.

After creating these types of content using Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, Snapchat, and even Reddit market your content to as many people as possible. The most important thing in social media campaigns is continuity. So if you are creating content following one theme and suddenly change to a completely different one, it may lead to chaos and loss of followers.
Early in your career, you should develop a habit of creating a structure for your campaigns to ensure consistency and maximum engagement. The best ways to market your music need as much time and effort as your music. Therefore, put your best foot forward during promotions and create a long term music career for yourself.