YouTube has become the second-largest search engine after its parent company Google. More than millions of videos get posted every hour and that’s what makes it so competitive. With so much competition, it becomes hard for newbies to grab the eyeballs of their audience. 

Having a Youtube channel could either become a nightmare for you or could be one of the best things. It all depends on the strategies you use to promote your channel. With a proper approach, It’s easy to get millions of views and subscribers.

Here are 8 simple yet effective ways to promote YouTube channel.

1. An Amazing Channel Logo


Your logo speaks a lot about your YouTube channel. Spend a decent amount of time creating a good logo for your channel. Your channel logo matters a lot. 

If you want to save time, you can ask someone to make one for you.  

2. Thumbnail Magic


Always make thumbnails of your videos catchy. Keep on updating the thumbnails of your old videos. Many users click the video simply because they find the thumbnail appealing. 

The more views on your video the more subscribers you will have on your YouTube channel.

An attractive thumbnail is the first thing someone notices, and in most cases, this decides whether they will click or not.


3. SEO Does Wonders


Use the power of SEO to increase your channel’s reach. Optimize SEO for your YouTube videos. Most of the uploaded YouTube videos never grab the attention of viewers. YouTube never recommends those videos, and they die beneath a large pile of other related content.

To rank higher, practice SEO optimization. Research what users are seeking and accordingly optimize the video title.

4. Promote On Social Platforms


Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are an excellent way to promote YouTube channels. Post small parts of your videos on these platforms. 

Always remember to quote your YouTube channel’s name. It will make them check your channel. These small clips build curiosity and help to get more views.

5. The More You Give, The More You Get


Do giveaways to promote your youtube channel. People remember and recommend the channel that does so. It’s not necessary to give big giveaways. Even smaller ones will do the work.

It’s a highly competent method used by many YouTubers. You might have to spend a few bucks, but the returns are wondrous.

6. Like, Share, Subscribe


These three words mean a lot to a YouTuber. Never forget to ask your viewers to like, share and subscribe. By doing this, you are asking them a simple favour.

You can also ask a few general questions and let them answer in the comment box. These small efforts improve viewer engagement and thus, help to promote youtube videos organically.

7. YouTube Shorts


YouTube has recently launched a new feature, youtube shorts. It has made it quite simple for content creators to reach their audience and increase the subscribers of their YouTube channel. 

You just have to make a small video that is quite fascinating to see. With this feature, you don’t have to make a long video that takes a lot of time.

8. Content, The King


Last but not least, content matters a lot. You can’t expect a pig to fly just by providing it with wings. Your content must be engaging to get more views. Great content helps a lot to promote the youTube channel.

These were some valuable tips to promote YouTube channels for free. Use them and see your channel getting lots and lots of subscribers.

Thanks for reading, and all the best for your YouTube journey!