If you are a content creator and you are new to the YouTube platform, then the first thing you must want is to get more subcsribers on YouTube. Because, you can get more views, and you can earn more through YouTube.

But getting subscribers is not that easy.  A lot of YouTube algorithms work behind the scenes to promote YouTube video and most people are unaware of these basic things. 

So, if you want to get more subscribers on YouTube then uploading a YouTube video is not the last thing. The real and one of the most important works start from here and that is promoting your YouTube video.

If you promote you can increase the reach of your YouTube video which ultimately will help you to increase your subscribers on YouTube.

Did you know that in a single day, users from all around the world consume more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content and with such a competition the question is what you can do to stand out?

So, today through this blog, I will be sharing some tips and strategies that will help you to get more subscribers on YouTube.

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1. Writing A Video Title

When it comes to searching a YouTube video everyone is going to search it by typing the keyword in the search box. Now, you must want your YouTube video to display on top of the search results. And this is where the title of your video comes in. 

The more the keyword-friendly your video title is, the more the chances of your video getting listed on top of the search results. 

While writing the YouTube video title, think from the perspective of the user. If you are a user then what you will type in the search box, what are the different types of words that can come in your mind while searching for your video.

And then write your YouTube video title according to it. This will increase the reach of your video and which will help you to get more subscribers on YouTube.

2. Create Youtube Shorts

Short video means videos under 1 minute which are very popular nowadays. The app named musically created this short video trend which is now popularly known as TikTok. 

After that social media platforms like Instagram followed this trend and named it reels and now YouTube has YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts are YouTube videos under 1 minute.

And the reason that people love to watch short videos is that these videos provide more information in less time, and also provide quick entertainment. 

YouTube algorithms are more focused on promoting YouTube shorts than YouTube videos. And that’s why you must be creating more YouTube shorts so that it will increase the reach of your YouTube channel and which in turn will help you get more subscribers on YouTube.

3. Create Playlists

There was a time when people loved to watch movies but with streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. the popularity of web series is growing insanely and is exceeding the popularity of movies. 

People are now preferring to watch web series over movies and you can do that too with your youtube videos. Rather than creating a long YouTube video try to split it into several parts and create a playlist list of those YouTube videos. 

This won’t only help you to get more subscribers on YouTube but will also make your channel more organised and less clutter-free.

4. Make Your Channel Trailer

Before a movie or web series is released, production houses release its trailer so that viewers can have an idea of what the movie or web series is going to be about. And what will be its genre and this is how they can decide whether to watch it or not. 

This trailer plays a very important role in gaining the number of viewers. Moreover, most content creators aren’t aware of the fact that they have a channel trailer for their YouTube channel page.

What is a channel trailer?

A YouTube channel trailer is a short trailer that you can use to give a short and detailed channel intro or about yourself. Whenever a user arrives at your channel page the channel trailer will automatically play. 

A channel trailer should be short (the duration of the channel trailer must be under 60 seconds). It should provide a reason for the user to stay, and you can use it to give an introduction of your channel or about yourself. 

Create an interesting channel trailer so that you can turn the user into one of the subscribers of your YouTube channel.

5. Create Custom Thumbnails

We all are aware of the fact that the human mind remembers pictures more than words.

This means there is a high possibility that you won’t remember what you learned but you will remember what you have seen. Because, the human mind prefers pictures over text. 

And so, even if your YouTube video was able to land on top of the search results, still there will be a high chance that the user might not watch your video.

It is just because your thumbnail is not good. The user will only watch it if it likes the Thumbnail of the YouTube video.

When a viewer opens YouTube or searches for a video, the thumbnail is the first thing that will catch his eyes. And this is the time when the viewer decides to click on the video or not. 

By default, YouTube uses a snapshot from your video and uses that as a thumbnail.  But, this default thumbnail doesn’t look like a professional one.  And also, it might not have the power to attract viewers.

Therefore, using this thumbnail may result in less number of viewers. So, always try to create a thumbnail by yourself. 

A thumbnail should be simple, appealing, eye catchy, and descriptive. Creating a thumbnail isn’t rocket science, you can use Canva to create a thumbnail for your YouTube videos and you can increase traffic on YouTube.

6. Content Type

The YouTube video that you are going to upload must be relatable to the niche of your YouTube channel.

Choose a particular niche that your YouTube videos will be focusing on and then make your YouTube videos according to the audience you want to target. This will give your YouTube videos more reach and views. 

And in this way you will be able to target a particular audience, you will be more focused, and you will have clarity on what type of content you should create. 

Everyone likes free things and thus viewers love giveaways or contests. Organising giveaways and contests will help you in building a community for your YouTube channel.

YouTube videos that involve a contest or giveaways gain more views than regular ones. 

So try to make these types of videos as it is good for your YouTube channel. Make how-tos, and DIY videos also, as these videos seem more interesting to the viewers than the regular videos. These types of videos will help you to get more YouTube subscribers.

7. Produce High-Quality Videos

That time is gone when people used to wait to load YouTube videos first to avoid buffering. Nowadays, everyone has access to a 4G or 5G network which provides high-speed internet and many people have access to Wi-Fi, which means no more buffering of YouTube videos.

And moreover, everyone can watch YouTube videos in high resolution without worrying about the buffering of YouTube videos. 

That’s why it becomes very important for a content creator to upload the YouTube videos in high resolution. This way the viewers can enjoy watching the YouTube videos without any hindrance.

And which in turn at the end of the day will increase the reach, watching hours of your YouTube videos and getting more subscribers on YouTube.

8. Post Consistently

The fact is, the YouTube algorithm prefers to promote active YouTube channels over the YouTube channels that are dead.

The YouTube channels on which the creator is posting videos consistently are known as the active channel. And the dead YouTube channels are those on which the creator or owner does not upload videos anymore or very rarely. 

Your YouTube channel will stay subscribed by the subscribers only if you are uploading videos consistently.

Otherwise, the YouTube algorithm will decrease the reach of your YouTube channel and YouTube videos, which won’t help you to promote your YouTube videos

Most of the new content creators on YouTube fail to do that because when they don’t see the results, they get demotivated and quiet. But trust me, consistency is the key to achieving success on YouTube.

If you want to become a popular YouTube content creator or you want to increase the number of subscribers, then you must be consistent.

And also if you are focused on creating good quality content, you will be able to produce high-quality YouTube videos.


You can hire a  YouTube advertising company if you are ready to spend some cash to get more subscribers on YouTube. Keep your YouTube channel and YouTube videos organised.

Use other social media platforms to promote your YouTube videos, and always do your research and implement it.

Becoming a YouTube video creator is easy but to become a successful YouTube video creator is not that easy. It’s not an overnight success. It takes strategies, time, hard work, etc.

Now go and apply the above tips and strategies to reach the milestone of 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Using these tips will definitely increase the reach of your YouTube videos.