According to Music Business Worldwide, people stream most of their music on YouTube over Spotify or other music streaming platforms combined. But, to become successful you need to adopt the best YouTube music video promotion techniques, some of which are mentioned below.

The statistics tell you that there is a huge audience base out there for artists to grab and promote their music using the right techniques.

The tips are divided into pre-release and post-release for you to take the right steps to promote your video at the right time.


Want To Go Viral On YouTube?

Promote Your Video Now


When to release?

There is no point in just dropping the music video randomly and expecting views. A good time to release the video would be a week after you have dropped the audio on various music streaming platforms.

This way you can have an initial audience that has already heard the music and is genuinely interested in the video.

So, you can use the hype around your audio track to gain instant views promotion on your music video within a few hours of release.

Announce the Release Date in Style

You need to announce the release date of your video on all of your social media to create buzz around it.

The best way to do this is to either take a screenshot from your music video or edit a small part of the video.

Choose the most engaging part from the video which gives the audience a glimpse of your content and post it with release date and time.

This way you will increase traffic on your music videos and it is one of the best ways of YouTube music video promotion.

Get a Premiere

A premiere in the digital world is when a blog has exclusive access to your music video before it’s even out.  The blogs get a private link from YouTube and embed it in their articles for thousands of people to see.

But to approach the editors of some major blogs with a significant audience base, you have to write and pitch a press release to them.

While this can be a lengthy process, the results are mind-blowing if you get a major blog for your YouTube music video promotion.

Post Release


YouTube SEO Techniques 

Once you publish your video you should follow the best possible techniques of YouTube SEO. You might be wondering what are the components of YouTube SEO.

This is nothing but the effective ways to reach your target audience organically. This includes a relevant and crispy title, proper tags, a tantalizing thumbnail and a description that best suits your video.    

As a musician, you need to promote your video in those categories that fit your style and music. If you title it correctly and use the appropriate tags, there will be a significant increase in views and audience engagement.

YouTube Paid Promotion 

In spite of optimizing your YouTube SEO and getting all other things in place your video might lack the desired number of views.

Hence, you should not wait and try to promote your videos by making the payment to the right service provider.

Before using the paid promotion service you should research a lot to get the best YouTube promotion agency that provides real views. You can quickly reach your audience in a very short span of time.

This paid YouTube video promotion service is insanely efficient in getting thousands of views on your video pretty quickly. You can decide your audience just by selecting the promotion options and communicating the same to your promotion partner.

This will increase engagement on your videos which ultimately will lead to popularity and grow your channel.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have high social media following with an engaging audience. All you have to do is approach these account owners and ask them to share or tweet your video on their social accounts.

While small influencers may do this for free, established ones may charge a minimal fee.


The tips above give you an insight into some of the best ways of YouTube music video promotion that will increase your fan following in no time and open doors for better future opportunities.