YouTube is a booming platform with numerous content creators. The topic which you may choose has been used and chosen by many people worldwide. This might lead to tough competition. There are so many content creators with best content as well as worst content. Everyone works towards real YouTube views.

Some creators with the best content gain a real and good amount of YouTube views while people with terrible content lag behind. It becomes necessary to give such people a tough competition, especially the ones with good content.

The one who does so can rank among them and also working consistently can lead to rank above them.

There are numerous content creators with the best content and recognition. People prefer them because of their unique and creative qualities. The one who does not have good qualities will struggle to cope up with the competition.

Your content must reflect the genre and your creativity. People prefer watching videos of famous ones and if you provide them with creativity, information or entertainment and uniqueness then they will definitely prefer you rather than others.


Creative content can work wonders because it will help you to rank and create your own beautiful image in front of your audience. Your audience will seek out creative content which they might search for. Not everyone thinks similarly.

So if you want to stand out in a crew then you must think creatively and provide people with creative content which may amaze them to watch more. Hence you can gain real YouTube views and it will work well as a watch time booster.


Every Youtube user seeks out for either information or entertainment. Cooking videos, learning makeup, education, knowledge about current affairs, etc. is informational which provides you with benefits. Music, dance videos, cartoons, movies, etc provides you with entertainment.

Whole YouTube is divided into these two genres. Either a video provides you information or entertains you. It is important for you to make quality videos which can provide either one of them or both. If you entertain people they will definitely get back to you. And, if you provide genuine true information, then also you can increase YouTube traffic. So it’s important to come up with informational or entertaining videos.

Unique Content

There are numerous content available on YouTube providing quality content and also of your theme. If you want to stand out, you just definitely have unique content because making similar content like them won’t give you views and subscribers. To generate real YouTube views one must keep their content unique in many aspects.

If a person finds your information unique which they haven’t got from any other video then your video seems valuable to them. In this way you can generate your target audience and lots of views. That is why uniqueness can generate real YouTube views.

Unique content adds value to your website and is a source of credibility. Your content must be of high quality and unique to add value to your videos.

These were the three essential factors for a person to have a reputation on YouTube. Having a good reputation and considering these three checkpoints to attract viewers is a must. Let’s see some tips and tricks on how to gain real YouTube views.

Attractive Thumbnail, Title, Description

An attractive thumbnail and title is a must because it can attract an audience, hence you can gain views. As a result, you can promote your YouTube music easily. Your description providing quality information such as other videos’s URL or any other important link beneficial for users can attract them.

These are the first and foremost things a viewer notices so make sure it reflects creativity and tricks such as interesting facts about your videos on your Thumbnail, these all can generate real YouTube views.

Try To Make Series And Playlists

Generating a playlist of your videos can help you in many ways. Your one video and other videos related to that video can excite people by watching the whole playlist. Make sure you make a playlist consisting of a theme related to a particular thing.

YouTube analyses all these and suggests people videos at the end of your video.

So if you keep a good presentation and playlist, definitely people will watch your video as well as other videos on your playlist. A video can be played one after another as per the YouTube system so try making a series of videos.

This can help you gain views since videos will start as soon as one ends and so the user can watch many videos. It will help your video to go viral on YouTube.

Try To Engage With Your Audience

You must ask your viewers to watch till the end and you just put some exciting information or entertainment at the end part of the video to enable them to watch till the end. You must also ask your viewers to subscribe so that they watch and subscribe to your channel.

Not only this, you must try to engage with them friendly by asking them what part of the video they enjoyed and ask them to comment about it, also what kind of content they want to watch, and thank them, appreciate them for their support. 

And all these things will help you gain their confidence and love and in turn you will get YouTube subscribers which will grow your channel. Try to engage with them on other platforms as well.

Optimise SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. To rank your videos and to give them a good exposure to your audience it is necessary to plan and optimise your SEO. Using appropriate keywords as well as putting efforts in using low competitive words can help you rank your channel.

You need keywords which are beneficial and related to your genre. Without keywords one cannot optimise SEO. Those keywords are searched by your audience and hence you can gain viewers for your channel. You must make sure you use your keyword in your video, description, title and thumbnail.

There must be many keywords. Some keywords are more competitive and ranking among them can be a tough task. So you must choose low competitive keywords with the help of keyword research tools available online where you can come to know which of the words and keywords are searched by people worldwide to search for your genre based contents. 


These are a few techniques to generate real YouTube views and drive organic traffic to your channel.