Are you looking to boost YouTube views? In this post, we are going to share some tactics that you can use to boost your YouTube views. 

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on the internet for video sharing. It has over 1.5 billion active users. They use YouTube for entertainment and informational purposes.

But what if you want your content to be seen by a large number of audience? How will you increase traffic on your YouTube videos?

In this blog post, we will discuss how to boost YouTube views to reach a larger audience and start building your brand.

What Counts As A View On YouTube?

YouTube counts a view when someone watches your video for at least 30 seconds. That means your videos must attract and keep the viewers engaged in order for your channel to be successful.

Rewatching a video also counts as a view, provided the video is watched for 30 seconds.

Why Should You Try To Get More Views On YouTube? 

When you create a video, you want the video to be viewed by as many people as possible.

Views are very crucial as they influence the YouTube algorithm. If you get a large number of views, the algorithm will push your video out to more people. 

Always try to make interesting and relevant videos. People tend to watch those videos that they find interesting and useful.

However, creating only good content won’t help to get most YouTube views. You need to actively promote your YouTube videos alongside taking other steps to increase YouTube views.

You can do a few things to ensure that your videos get a huge number of views. 

How To Boost YouTube Views?

The most effective and legit ways to boost YouTube views is discussed below:

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1. Try To Keep Strong Titles For Your Videos

How many times have you clicked over a video based on its title? I think  too many times. While several other factors like the thumbnail of the video, helps you to decide which video to watch, but title is one of them.

So, always try to write a title that grabs your audience’s attention. 

Make sure the titles must convey the essence of your video and include relevant keywords. Keyword rich titles help with better ranking to get more views.

Also, try to add numbers in titles to specify the steps, tips and tricks in numbers. For example, “Top 10 tips” or “5 must try hacks” promise value to the viewer, making them more likely to click. 

You can incorporate emotional triggers in your titles to connect with your audience. Titles that evoke curiosity and excitement are more likely to attract clicks.

For example, videos with titles like People Meeting For The First Time After A Long Time” or “When Life Breaks You” deeply touch viewers on an emotional level and ultimately gain millions of views.

Try to include parentheses and brackets as it will help you add additional information on what your video covers. This may increase your click-through rate.

2. Do Share Your Videos On Social Media

You should promote your YouTube channel to your social followers to encourage  them to become subscribers. This is the key step to reach a wider audience and promote engagement with potential viewers who want to learn more about what you have to say.

So share your videos on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin to expand your reach.

Social media promotion works well because you are preferring an audience who are already familiar with you. It is to leverage your existing audience and networks to drive traffic and increase views.

Unlike attracting people through the YouTube platform itself, your audience already knows and likes your content. They are bound to increase views on YouTube.

3. Optimize Your Videos To Boost YouTube Views

YouTube is the second largest search engine of the world after Google. It is an incredible platform for content creators. 

With millions of hours of content being uploaded daily, getting noticed on YouTube can be a challenge. This is where the need for optimizing your YouTube videos arises.

YouTube optimization involves the strategies and techniques that aim at improving the visibility of your videos on the platform. It is often referred to as YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Higher ranking means more visibility, more clicks and ultimately more views.

Some key factors for optimizing YouTube videos:

Keyword Research

Before creating a video, conducting keyword research would help to identify popular search terms related to your content. This is to check what people search for to find your video. 

Engaging Video Titles

Make your video title compelling and include your primary keyword.

Captivating Thumbnails

Create relevant and eye-catching thumbnails that can significantly increase the click-through rates. 

Audience Engagement

Engage with your viewers by responding to their comments and build a loyal community.

Video Descriptions

To improve search engine rankings, use comprehensive video descriptions to give YouTube more context about your content.

Make sure to include the target keyword at least once in YouTube description as the description is taken into consideration when the search results are being organized.

Video Tags

Video tags are descriptive keywords or phrases that you attach to your YouTube video. These tags play a crucial role in helping both YouTube’s algorithms and viewers to understand the context of your video.

As you can see here, it is essential to add tags to target your primary keyword as well as close variations of it. This will help you rank for the search queries that don’t even contain your target keyword but signify the same basic intent.

By consistently applying these strategies, you can enhance your video’s visibility and growth of your YouTube Channel.

4. Buy YouTube views

You must consider the benefits you want to achieve with your purchase. If you buy YouTube views, it can be a good way to increase the viewership of your video.

It can significantly enhance your channel’s visibility and popularity.

The algorithm of YouTube considers various factors when ranking and recommending videos. 

One of the essential metrics is the number of views. Videos with a higher number of views are more likely to appear in user’s recommendations, thus increasing their reach.

5. Make Good Content Using Important Topics

To boost YouTube views, make good and quality content. Try to create videos that people will find useful and informative. 

Always stay up-to-date with trends and current events. Integrating these into your video content can boost relevance and attract viewers interested in the latest happenings.

After all, YouTube is a search engine at its core, much like parent company Google. A search engine is designed to direct users to the best and most relevant content possible.

6. Create Playlists To Boost Your Views

To grow your YouTube channel and increase your visibility, you need an effective way that extends beyond individual videos. Playlists offer a powerful way to keep your viewers engaged. Hence, it increases your chances of being discovered.

A YouTube Playlist is a collection of related videos, where the next video in that playlist will automatically start as soon as the current video ends.

As a result, a viewer can watch several related videos at a stretch. This translates into greater engagement and more video views.

Firstly, start by selecting videos that are relevant to the topic you want to explore. The content should flow seamlessly from one video to the next, providing value and enjoyable experience to the viewers.

7. Customize Your Thumbnails

Creating engaging and visually appealing content is very essential for the success of your YouTube channel. 

The thumbnail of your video is the first thing that any YouTube user sees. It can significantly impact their decision to click on your video as your video’s thumbnail serves as a visual representation of your content.

It should give viewers a glimpse of what to expect from the video. Your video may get lost in the sea of content on YouTube without an attractive thumbnail.

Creating click-worthy thumbnails yourself not only makes your videos look more appealing but also indicates a certain sense of professionalism. 

You can create a template with a particular font and style that can help establish your channel’s identity. This can be made with the help of image creation tools such as Canva.

Always ensure that the thumbnail represents the essence of your video.

8. Use Cards And End Screens To Boost YouTube Views

In general, if someone is highly engaged with your content, it means they are going to watch more of your videos. That’s why our next strategy for getting more views on YouTube videos is to use cards and end screens.


Cards are small, unobtrusive notifications that pop up at the top right corner of your video and alerts your viewers about other videos, playlists, channels or external websites.

It’s an easy and effective way to grow audience engagement and promote another video.

End Screens

End Screens appear in the last few seconds of the video. It often includes clickable elements like video thumbnails to direct most of the engaged viewers to some related piece of content and subscription prompts to encourage viewers to subscribe.

Hence, you enhance the user experience by offering relevant content suggestions 

Cards and End Screens serve as powerful tools for engagement and viewer retention.

9. Collaborate With Other Content Creators

Collaboration is a strategy that is used by most of the YouTuber stars to grow their followers.

The first step is choosing the right partners for a successful collaboration. It is necessary to identify the creators and brands that align with your content and target audience. Make sure that their reach complements your goals. 

So, how do you boost your YouTube views while partnering with other content creators?

When you create content together, you would benefit from those viewers who may not have previously encountered your Channel. At the same time, the other creator would benefit from the traffic driven by your promotion of the video.

With each collaboration, you will get exposure to a new audience. 

Moreover, the new viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel since you are working with a creator whom they already know.

10. Do Cross Promotion Of Your Own Videos On YouTube

Another effective strategy to expand your reach and engage your audience is cross-promotion. 

Cross-promotion is the practice of promoting your own videos within your own channel.

For example, you can drop links in the description of a video and encourage the viewers to check them out so that audience engagement increases.

Cross-Promotion can lead to increased views, likes, comments and shares on your videos. It can make a significant difference in your success.


I don’t expect that you follow each and every strategy that we stated above to grow your YouTube Channel. What works well for one content creator won’t necessarily work for another.

As we all know, YouTube is a highly competitive platform. It is a powerhouse for content creators. To stand out from the crowd and grow your channel, you need to think beyond creating great content.

That is why, you must be aware of various tips and tricks to boost Youtube views. They can help you get more viewers on your channel and hence more subscribers.