The nightmare of every creator on YouTube is how to get subscribers on YouTube. While creating a YouTube channel is simple the same doesn’t apply to getting subscribers. The task itself is complex but not impossible.

YouTube is evidently the most used app in terms of learning and entertainment. While some channels enjoy the fame and glory that circulates around YouTube. The same may not apply to every channel. Moreover, some channels are bustling with likes and subscribers, while other channels aren’t progressing that well.

Here are a few steps by which one can gain popularity and get subscribers on YouTube within a short period. 

Promote Videos At The End

First thing first, when handing a channel it’s important to hook people to it.

The question is:

How do you achieve this with minimal efforts?

My answer to that is, to add a small teaser or clipping of your next video at the end. Adding a clipping helps people to get introduced to your content. Your end clipping can vary from teasers to simply a description of your next work.  

This helps in engaging people towards your content thus a chain of videos can be accessed by your views. 

Use A Watermark

Using a watermark is another amazing way by which you can always get subscribers.

People love easy work, so add a watermark that invites people to subscribe to your channel. 

  • Tips

Don’t copy watermark or plagiarize the watermark of brands or other well-known products. U can use a very simple watermark that’s direct. 


Quality over quantity prevails. Research proves that videos that have good quality are highly preferred by viewers. Low quality videos are known to pull down a channel. This is because poor quality reduces a person’s experience on YouTube. Moreover, it acts as a barrier between videos and viewers. The end result, people are likely to skip your channel. 

Add a Compelling Description 

It may sound harsh but most people write descriptions that don’t prove anything. Grammatical mistakes are the worst!

Make sure you write a description that is not full of unnecessary emotions. The majority people prefer a channel with a professional outlook. Adding emoticons unnecessarily will appear cringe and degrade your channel. 

If writing is not your best suit, ask an experienced blogger or writer with their help. If not, take their guidance in creating good descriptions. 

  • Tips

Do not copy paste the description that your rivals are writing. Rather make them your stepping stones by creating unique descriptions among them. 

Use Keywords 

Usage of keywords is a great way to get subscribers on YouTube. They are another set of helping tools to attract traffic. Search the list of most searched keywords. In addition to that use these keywords in your description. 

Another such tool to felicitates subscribers would be good #hashtags. Don’t overuse them, but use them modestly. This is another great way to attract subscribers. You can use hashtags in-between the descriptions or at the end of it. Either way, use them in small quantities. 

Awesome Channel Icon

If you take a minute to examine a good channel or other famous channel, their icons do the talking. Icons are another part that prove their worth. Investing to get a good icon won’t be a waste if you wish to grow your subscribers that is. Your channel icon can represent your professional picture too. That is also a great idea to utilize.

  • Tips

If you are using your photo as your icon, make sure you upload a well refined professional attire. Professional attire is known to leave a good impression. 

Use Tag Line 

Tag lines are small phases that speak about you. They represent a small part of your channel. Taglines can leave a good impression about you and your channel thus promoting people to subscribe. Keeping the tag line constant for some videos would be a better option. 

Include your tag lines in your videos. It might feel irrelevant but give it a shot. In the long run, it helps pin a few more subscribers.

Pattern Interrupt

Including Emoticons in your videos is a big NO! So is that the end to making your video fun? Basically no, pattern interruptions are a good way to engage people. They are soft and leave a good impression. It’s better to use pattern interrupt to make videos engaging and dynamic.

Then again, overusing patterns just because they appear to be appealing can wield a negative impact. Do not over use them. Use them moderately when they fit well.

  • Tips

Make sure you do not use the wrong pattern interrupt. Before using a pattern make sure you research the basic idea about it and its use. Don’t use a pattern simply because it’s attractive. Understand the meaning behind the pattern. 

Channel Trailer

Teasers and trailers play an important part to invoke curiosity. Any form of suspense can arouse a great sense of curiosity in the minds of people. It’s important to utilize creative ideas of suspense to hook up potential viewers. This will lead to new views to subscribe to your channel to know more about your content. 

  • Tips

Make sure your content is as good as your trailer or teaser. If not you’re likely to disappoint your views. Don’t just give your 100% to your teasers, make sure your videos are great as well.

Throw In Some Appreciation

Include a few words of appreciation in your videos. A simple word of appreciation can make a huge difference. Moreover, people like to be appreciated, utilize this to your advantage. You can also thank people for their comments or honest reviews. 

  • Tips

You can dedicate a special thank you video when you hit a particular number of subscribers or likes.

Drop A Subscription

Many creators prefer to pursue people into subscribing to their channel. They prefer to make it obvious by including it in their videos. Trying the direct approach helps greatly. Drop your message to subscribe towards the end of your videos. Adding it at the beginning is okay but preferably at the end. 

New Channel Art

Design your channel in a very compelling way. People are drawn to beautiful things. So make sure you design your channel well. In addition, make it pleasing to the eye. You can check out some key layouts used by various artists. 

These are some of the tips that cater the well-being of a newly established channel. The same applies to channels that have been around for a long period but have hit a dead-end. Follow these simple steps to get subscribers on YouTube and attract more viewers towards your channel. 

Wishing you good luck and the very best!