Competition in YouTube has increased so much that getting real views has become tough at the moment. YouTube is a social media platform where people share their videos and music. It has around 2.29 billion users which is the highest among all the social media platforms. So you have a higher chance of gaining more views on YouTube than any other platform. Most importantly, real views on YouTube is what a YouTuber needs to grow his or her channel.

Nobody on YouTube gets fame overnight. People need to execute a lot of hard work in order to achieve accomplishment. More views means skyrocketing your popularity. There are many ways to increase your real views on YouTube like using clickbait’s, high quality videos, relevant hashtags, collaborating with other YouTubers, etc.

Of course, there are many third parties and unsafe websites which can give you a high number of views which are actually fake and don’t count much for your achievement. Instead getting real views on YouTube is much better. This blog will run through some amazing benefits of getting real views on YouTube.

Meliorate Search Engine Rank For Your Channel

YouTube algorithm recommends the most popular and suitable content to its users. For it, the algorithm analyzes high views and more engagements on the uploaded video. If the YouTube algorithm foresees that your content is more provocative, then your video can be discoverable in other users’ explore option. Hence this technique helps improve the rank of your channel.

Video Can Go Viral On Other Platforms

YouTube has a “share” option which allows the user to share the particular music to other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many more. People can share your YouTube video to their friends on social media platforms. By doing that your YouTube video will gain more views

Help Kickstart Your Newly Uploaded Video

When views increase, more people subscribe to your channel and are anxious to view more of your videos. Subscribers spend more time watching your YouTube videos than other users. And if they turn on notifications, they will be alerted when you upload a new video. So by this process your newly uploaded video wouldn’t need much backbreaking work to gain more real views on it. 

Huge Fan Base

When looking at the success of famous YouTubers like PewDiePie or James Charles, everyone wishes to be famous like them too. If you help your channel grow organically, then you may have a big fan base too.

Earn Money

YouTube pays $3-$5 if the content gets 1000 views. But that requires hard work because getting 1k views is not a joke. You at least need 50k views to make your content acclaimed. Number of real subscribers also plays an important role for earning money on YouTube.

Spirit Of Making More Videos

When your hard work pays off (if your views are increasing through real people), your self confidence boosts. And when you have more self confidence, you get excited to make more videos and promote it. People with low self-esteem often have errors in their thinking. Self confidence gives you trust and a sense of control in your life.

Genuine Reviews

People can share their reviews on your video. Some comment positive, while some comment negative. If you get positive comments, then that’s good because you know that you are doing everything right. But by negative comments you can analyze what is wrong in your YouTube video and how you can improve it, so that you won’t make the mistake again.

Promote Any Advertisements

Advertisements on YouTube are more engaging because they will have massive and unique reach. If your videos are gaining genuine and real views on YouTube, people tend to advertise your music video. You can also advertise personally and earn more.

Get More Engagements

Not only views, but getting more likes, comments and shares are also important to upboost your search engine rank in others’ explorations. And getting more engagements is only possible if you get real views. Buying fake or bot views can only help you increase the number of video views on that particular video but not the engagements.

Draw More Traffic To Your Website


If you have any professional website to the point of your YouTube channel, then just add the site link in the description or directly in the video. This awards a great help to your business.

More Views Are The First Choice For People

When people search for a title related to your content video, a lot of videos appear as you know. But they give more preference to the video which attained a high number of views. Because everyone knows that a culminating YouTube video will get more views.

Networking With Other YouTubers


Although you can upload your YouTube video, when you collaborate with another YouTuber who is at your level and wants their videos to be a success and have real views too, then you both can promote videos more easily. Because Once a wise man said that “Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a process and Working together is a success”. 

Does Not Get Banned Surely

Usage of third-party hacks are actually prohibited not only in YouTube but also in other well-known platforms. Getting fake views will lead to a temporary or permanent ban of your YouTube channel. If your content and channel are meeting all the rules and policies of YouTube platform, then your videos will surely won’t get deleted and your account will be intact. 


Always remember that 1k real views on YouTube is better than 10k fake views. Your talent and ideas need to be shared with the real people, not the computer bots. Let the real people around the world be apprised of your talent. Even if your YouTube channel is not growing as your expectations, keep working hard and don’t give up. Instead of buying fake views, you can invest that amount of money in YouTube video promotion agencies. Because, these agencies can help you to promote your YouTube videos and channel through a handful of strategies and technologies.