Apart from using SEO and other techniques like an appropriate thumbnail, and usage of playlists, promoting your page with certain websites is also a great way to increase your subscribers. Finding a person who doesn’t use a smartphone is difficult right now is a difficult task, same applies when it comes to social media as well. Hence using all these platforms to score better is what a brilliant person will do.

The world is interconnected, and the internet is a collection of people, who are wandering between all the platforms present in it. Therefore posting your content here is a great way to boost your reach since more people get to view it.

It used to be that the fittest would survive. Then it swiftly devolved into a battle for the richest survival. However, on August 6, 1991, the public had access to an invention that would transform the world. In less than 30 years, the internet said that it is no longer about being powerful or famous. It all comes down to being a skilled entrepreneur.

In a word, it works like this: users discuss something, you step in and converse with them while dropping a link to your YouTube channel.

Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow are just a few of the numerous free internet sites where you can advertise your YouTube videos and channel.

Listed below are a few of the many websites to promote YouTube channels.

1. Promote Yourself On Reddit

Reddit has a plethora of subreddits, or boards, dedicated to specific artists, creators, music, programs and so on.This is one of the finest free ways to market YouTube videos by identifying appropriate subreddits to upload your video on; just make sure you engage in these communities as well. The problem is that you can’t just go to Reddit and start posting your movies and tags. Before you do anything else, you should start participating in Reddit subreddits, or subcommunities. Participate in subreddits that are related to you/your interests/your videos. Upvote and downvote material, and comment on the themes that come up frequently.

2. Promote Yourself On Facebook 

Because of its widespread use as a social media platform, Facebook is ideal for distributing material. Instead of sharing from your own profile, you should submit your videos to a Facebook Creator Page and share them with your friends. This will give them the most publicity.

Facebook used to function without tags, but now it does as well. When it comes to Facebook tagging, the single most relevant tag that applies to your video is optimal. You’ll have space for your URL and whatever else you want to include, and Facebook allows you to publish to a fan page. 


3. Promote Yourself On Tumblr


Tumblr, like Twitter, is primarily a tag-based platform. However, the number of tags you may use on Tumblr is practically limitless, so feel free to use as many as you want. Tumblr postings can include a full title and description, which you can copy and paste from YouTube. You can increase engagement by including more details or a link to your Tumblr blog, and adding exceptional content on your Tumblr will provide value to the site for your fans.

4. Promote Yourself On Twitter

Twitter’s  tagging system was influenced by Tumblr’s, and the outcomes are comparable, since both are endless feeds of information that people like browsing through. Find hashtags that are relevant to your topic and provide a short link to your video in your post. Any remaining character space can be utilised as a title or description to pique people’s curiosity. You might be able to get in on those sweet, sweet Twitter views with the appropriate labelling and phrasing.

5. Promote Yourself On Pinterest

 Embedding your videos in a high-traffic Pinterest site can assist boost visitors to your site.

6. Promote Yourself On LinkedIn

Is the video relevant to your line of work? If it is, share it on LinkedIn to see if it can gain traction.

Linkedin is completely professional, so doing something in linkedin gives you more credibility.

7. Promote Yourself On Snapchat

Is there anything in your video that stands out as being particularly memorable? Posting these on short-video sites may help your video stand out and encourage viewers to watch the entire video.

Additional insights on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Facebook

The first thing you should do is to share your movie on Facebook. Simply hit the “Post on Facebook” button under your video and you’re ready to go – don’t forget to tell your viewers to share it on their accounts as well.

1) Become a member of a group

Currently, there are 620 million Facebook groups. One of them must be relevant to your area of expertise. Find Facebook groups where individuals can exchange their thoughts, advice, and ideas about the topics you discuss on your channel. Post your videos, but keep in mind that you don’t want to come across as spammy. This will turn off group members and may result in admins blocking you.

2) Sneak peaks

Users of social media, on the other hand, enjoy the unexpected. A sneak glimpse at what’s to come piques people’s interest, and if done well, it may also build anticipation. Add a link to a photo of an exciting project or a short clip of a film you’ve made, and watch the views roll in.

  • Instagram 

    The most potential platform in today’s world

1) Pay attention to the analytics

You may now check your profile analytics as a professional Instagram user (very nice!). These stats help you figure out who your target audience is, what kind of content you should post to keep them interested, and how Instagram users interact with your content.

2) Regularly update your blog

You must upload on a frequent basis to enhance engagement and ensure that more people notice your YouTube videos when you promote them on Instagram. And don’t forget to post everything. Photos, stories, and videos are all available.

Final Words

That almost sums it up, make sure you stick to these websites to promote YouTube channels.

There are a lot more websites on the net, but they are either money making websites or fake ones, it is better to trust the ones that are more common and popular.