Posting your music and getting not sufficient views? Do you want to promote your music on youtube? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? If your answer to any of those questions are yes then you have landed on the right page.You are not alone. The fact that music is being streamed most on YouTube other than any music streaming platform is literally mind blowing. Using powerful tactics to get the exposure is important in this business.There is a right set of the audience waiting for you: you just need to grab it. Trying to strategise and promote your music on youtube all by yourself can be frustrating and can make you feel burned out in the end . These YouTube music promotion hacks will save your time and make you stress free so that you can shift all your energy into work.
These awesome hacks for youtube music promotion will not only increase your views but also your brand image. Let’s Begin!

Promoting Via Social Media

This may sound obvious but for YouTube Music Promotion social media plays a key role.Many don’t use it to its full potential. Everybody uses social media and you can easily share and engage with your fans.Hype them by sharing news about your upcoming tracks, details like Time and Date, Behind the scenes and Clips and Trailers which will engage them.

Create a Blog 

Starting a blog could be really helpful, it will help build a deeper bond with your fans. For example you could blog about the Genre,Reviews & Creative Process, Personal stories and highlighting your journey. For YouTube music promotion stay consistent with it.

Your own Music Website

Trust me! This is really important! An official website under your name is the only place your fans can find you. After setting up your website you can put up your content.Use of landing pages will create more awareness within the community by collecting their email ids. Make them sign up for your newsletters. You can directly sell your tickets which is one of the best method for your audience to buy tickets easily. You will also be able to sell your Merches and Goodies. This is the best way for YouTube music promotion.

Collaboration with other Creators

We no longer use the standardised way for youtube music promotion. The big labels of the industry and world famous influencers are now collaborating and featuring each other to grow their reach. This can be very useful for even if you are new into the industry or a long time player it works wonders.

So, these were the hacks that will guarantee you success in your youtube music promotion. Keep implementing them and figure out what you need at the moment for youtube music promotion for positive results. We all know this is a huge industry with new upcoming artists and can get really competitive and Gaining views and reaching the right audience can take time but it is not impossible, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day the same way you have to keep patience and work your way through. We hope this was helpful and wish you guys great success in your future.