Music has a different impact on people. If you feel sad, listen to the music, your sadness will turn to zero. If you feel happy, listen to the music and your happiness will burst out.  In today’s time, music acts as a healer. Many times when you listen to music you can relate that music to your life.

With so much competition, one desires that his or her music comes out to be the best and is being promoted online so that a lot of users can listen to it and give their feedback. Hence, one can do the online promotion music in the ways as mentioned below:

Make Blogs

  • Writing about the music as a blog gives a thoughtful response. Writing a blog, and updating your work through it, tells how active you are. Here the chances of online promotion of music increase very much.
  • Mainly your concern should be about your music blogs. You can write about the blogs describing how you feel about the song, or stories related to you as a musician, your ups and downs while following the dream, etc. 
  • Write blogs about the music every week or two weeks so that YouTube music promotion can be done.

Make Your Website

  • As told that blog will help in getting good online promotion of music so the need of a website comes into the picture. 
  • Make the website with a custom domain name as then it will be easy for the fans to find you. 
  • Websites should be like which must have the latest track of your music or your bio as an artist. It should also include upcoming projects or music.
  • Your website is a way that can make online promotion music go steadily. And help you earn a lot via your music. Music websites make fans support the artist directly. 


  • If you somehow get a chance for an interview on a podcast, it is advised that you shouldn’t miss this chance as it is the best way to reach music lovers. 
  • Featuring in a podcast is also a good option and will make a new audience and so in this way online promotion of music occurs. And the audience may get attracted to it.
  • You can also go and ask for a podcast to let you have an interview. Also, if you can start your podcast then it will boost the promotion of music. Make regular episodes of your podcast too.
  • Research for the podcast which fits your music the most. This will increase your fanbase.

Through Facebook

  • The social media platform is the best way that can help in the promotion of music to a very large extent.
  • Choosing Facebook, as it is being used by billions of audiences with different tastes, helps your music in getting more fanbase. 
  • If you are having a budget that you can use for the promotion of your music of yours then use Ads Manager by Facebook and get reach to your audience.
  • Dedicating some time to it will give a very good result. Facebook ads are very much affordable and help in the promotion of your music very easily.

Through Instagram

  • This is one of the best ways. Sharing moments, some good thoughts related to music and many more things with your audience will give you an applaud for it.
  • In Instagram, there are many features like stories, sections, live, IGTV, reels, which is a booster pack for a musician to start a wonderful journey and stay connected with the audience. This is how one can do online promotion music with the audience.
  • Even Instagram is also offering help to give musicians their visual brand.
  • If you have talent then Instagram will help you a lot in the near future because the audience surrounding you will be going to support you.

Via YouTube

  • This is the most used platform. YouTube has 2.29 billion people using it. You can create different genres like comedy, vlogs, vines, etc. on this platform.
  • It would be great if you should upload your music by creating your own YouTube channel. You should also give glimpses of your music by creating bts moments. 
  • Give a brief title and catchy one so that the audience gets attracted towards it by just seeing the name. Adding descriptions and using tags related to that music will help in giving a good audience.
  • The website you have created for the blogs, here you can embed the link for the YouTube music promotion that you have created. So, it will directly take the audience to YouTube.

Services like Spotify, Netflix, etc.

  • Many users are using streaming services to listen to their favorite ones. Here they discover different types of music and hence here online promotion of music can happen easily.
  • So, it is being advised that all of your released music should get at least one streaming service as then only it will attract a good number of audience.
  • Even if you get a chance to feature any one song you should say yes to it as it will boost your career very rapidly.

Making Shorts, Instagram Reels, etc

  • These are also the way a musician or an artist can go for it. 
  • These are very popular platforms as they are not only enhancing other artists but also doing online promotion of music. Hence a great number of audiences are viewing and making different artists get famous by it.
  • Creating short videos or clips of the music video of your music and releasing the music on these platforms will trigger the audience a lot. 
  • This helps in reaching the audience more quickly as everyone can see and so in this way one can do the online promotion music hence attracting a lot of audience and give a prosperous result to you.


All these can give a separate fanbase to you. As these are the platforms that will enhance your community a lot and so in this way you are advancing the online promotion music for your upcoming and ongoing projects.

There are no shortcuts to success. Only create content that is authentic. Also, help yourself in building a good relationship with other creators.