How to Promote Music for FREE In 2024 [Organic]

How to Promote Music for FREE!

No Money? No Problem! In this digital era, there are plenty of opportunities for musicians to get their music out there, with absolutely no money. With so many avenues to communicate with your fans, you should know how to promote music without relying on anyone else. 

Although these processes are time-consuming, they help you build a robust fan following that will benefit you in the long run.

Below are some outlined tips that tell you how to promote music with no or a limited budget.

Press Release

How To Promote Music With Press Release

The press release is the main thing that you send to editors and journalists to get yourself featured in blogs, articles, and features. Press releases is a great way to promote YouTube channel.

The structure of it has to be very simple so that they can just scan through it and decide whether they are interested in you or not. 

It should have a really engaging headline, picture of you as an artist. Also the artwork for the track and other information about the release.

To pitch your press release, copy and paste it in your email. And above that write a very engaging summary of yourself or your music (like your past features or collaborations). This is one way of how to promote music on YouTube.

Online Radio

How To Promote Mjusic With Online Radio

There are many non-conventional radio stations available on the internet nowadays who support independent artists. And also they support the bands by streaming their music to their listeners.

To pitch your track to them, you can use the same press release structure mentioned above. But you should do it with a slight change. 

Instead of a review or a feature in an article, you’re asking for a play or an interview. Also, provide a download link for your track.

It is because, if they are interested they can immediately listen and review your music right there. It is a great way to increase subscribers count.

Influencers And Vloggers

How To Promote Music With Influencers And Vloggers

Big labels of the music industry are jumping on this marketing technique on how to promote music more efficiently. Influencers and vloggers need background music for their content.

You can place your music in their video to reach out to their huge social media following. So simply pick up your phone. Find influencers and vloggers who are creating content similar to your music.

Contact them through their social media pages and provide a link to your track. If they decide to use your music, you can pin the links to various streaming platforms (like Spotify, YouTube etc.) below their video to get maximum plays and views.

Social Media

How To Promote Music With Social Media

The best way to reach out to the youth who are comparatively more accepting of independent and alternate music is through social media.

Post information about your track across all platforms that you think can bring you an audience. It is completely free of cost. Moreover, it can help you to get organic music promotion.

And also makes it easier for you to give regular updates about your upcoming tracks and create a permanent fan base.


Over time, with this strategy you will be able to build your own community for the music that you produce. Bandpage Connect is a great tool that gives you the benefit of updating all your social media platforms at once. 

Follow these methods on how to promote music to build your online presence and open doors to more opportunities in real life.

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