A survey confirms that people are spending six hours a day consuming video content available on the internet. To cater to that, there has been a rise in video creators who are constantly trying to promote YouTube channel through exemplary marketing techniques.

To stand out, you must have the ability and skills to appeal to the binge-watching tendencies of your audience. Another platform where people are drawn to almost organically is social media.

The crossover of these two highly engaging media can sky-rocket your popularity instantly.

This article breaks down YouTube-social media strategies to promote YouTube channel.

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Build Excitement

Make short teaser-like videos of your content that gives some of the information from your actual video. Make it appealing, so that the viewer is forced to check-out the whole video.

Post it on various social media platforms to get real views on YouTube.

Promote YouTube Channel To Build Excitement

Facebook Native Video Uploader

Use Native Video Uploader to post your videos on Facebook. It allows you to add features like call to action asking people to subscribe to your channel.

You can also add a link to your channel for the viewer to explore your other videos which help in increasing audience engagement.

Promote YouTube Channel Using Facebook Native Video Uploader

Engage With Your Audience

Comments from your fans across platforms are necessary to assess the efficiency of your video. Ask them for their suggestions and improvement areas.

Take into consideration every constructive feedback and work on it. This will show your viewers that you are putting in the effort to connect with them.

Engage With Your Audience To Promote YouTube Channel

Share, Share and Share!

Getting your videos shared by your contemporaries on their social media platforms can increase viewership as well as credibility.

Cross-promote your video with an influencer, preferably with a bigger following than you, to attract new audience to your YouTube channel.

Share To Promote YouTube Channel

Customize Thumbnails

For a video, a thumbnail works like the cover of a book. It is a static image that is shared and displayed on social media platforms. A clean and comprehensive thumbnail can increase your viewers and subscribers significantly.

Use beautiful pictures and simple words that will clearly convey the subject of your video and entice the viewer to click on it.

Customize Thumbnails To Promote YouTube Channel

Customize It For Mobile Viewers

Around 50% of YouTube videos are viewed on mobile devices. And many such people find these videos while browsing through social media timelines.

While cross-promoting videos on various social media platforms you must consider the fact that many viewers might not hear the content of your video as the default setting on such platforms is on mute.

Therefore, subtitles play a crucial role in informing the viewer about your content. Keep your text to the point and large enough to read it properly on a small screen.

Customize For Mobile Viewers To Promote YouTube Channel


Growing your YouTube channel cannot happen overnight. It requires constant effort and creativity for people to get attracted to your work.

Therefore, we have provided you with some exemplary promotional tactics that can surely improve your skills to promote YouTube channel with minimum investment. We hope it helps you get more eyes on your channel.