YouTube is a big sea, it’s difficult to find your ship, but sailing forward little by little can help.

Even the smallest steps make a huge difference. In the initial stages, progress must be difficult since you can’t find any positive results, but if you work towards the goal without any compromises, success is yours. It may seem a lot when you see it as a whole, but you can always break it and learn. 

When you’re just beginning, it might be tough to consistently generate videos and come up with fresh ideas for your YouTube channel. Yet, because you don’t have thousands of subscribers expecting a specific sort of material from you yet, you have more leeway to experiment while you’re a newbie. Accept this liberation and think of your beginner’s channel as a playground. Experiment with different ideas until you figure out what works for you.

The ideas below can actually get you significantly high YouTube video views

Unboxing Videos 

Unboxing videos are popular among children who want to see the latest goods, but they are also popular among people of all ages. Ryan Toys Review is appropriate for a younger audience, whereas Unbox Therapy is appropriate for a more mature audience. When it comes to unpacking, choose a topic that you are familiar with, and remember that no matter how well-produced your video is, your viewers must be interested in the product first and foremost.

Challenge Videos 

From the ice bucket challenge to the cinnamon challenge, these films have a remarkable ability to attract public attention. Create your own challenge video with a twist. To increase interest, do the task in a costume or in a distinctive place. The most popular challenge videos are usually the ones that go wrong, so don’t ruin your efforts on purpose. A phoney fail isn’t nearly as funny as a genuine one.

Prank Videos 

For numerous years, pranks have been one of the most popular YouTube video ideas. Some of these pranks are too large-scale for novices, but minor pranks may be just as enjoyable.

Your friends and family are the easiest targets, since they are most likely to forgive you once they learn they’ve been pranked!

Home Tour Or Room Tour 

Room or house tours are a common genre of YouTube video that people like. Tours provide people a glimpse into your personal life and allow you to show off your interests. One of the simplest YouTube video ideas to adopt is tours. Showcase furnishings, technology, and memorabilia if you’re staying in your room or house. Include a cool place that not many people are aware of for a more extensive tour.

Animal Videos

Animals performing or odd things account for a large percentage of YouTube’s popular material. Your dogs could be ideal subjects for a film like this. Begin shooting them on the spur of the moment to see if they do something worthy of being featured on your channel.

Who knows, if your animal video becomes viral, you could end up with a YouTube celebrity on your hands.

Bucket List Videos 

When People on social media become bored, they will seek out new activities. It will spark their attention if your channel can supply them with interesting ideas. Videos of things to do may also provide individuals ideas for what to do in certain situations or on vacation. 

Your Daily Routine Videos

Create a daily routine video to show folks what makes you tick. Your dietary habits, daily schedule, and fitness regimen may all be included in your daily routine. They provide viewers with a better understanding of who you are and what your personality is like. Share the activities you do on a regular basis that you believe improve your quality of life, and demonstrate to your audience how others may benefit from it as well.

Rant With Your Subscribers

You shouldn’t have to think too hard about going on a YouTube rant. You’ll be able to readily rant about the issue in question if you’ve been worked up sufficiently. Write a loose screenplay if you’re not sure about going ad-lib. After all, you want to make sure that your rant is coherent. Include a few jokes in your tirade to make it more entertaining. This will keep people interested and may encourage them to tune in to your next tirade.

Cute Videos 

Cute videos are one of the most tried-and-true YouTube video ideas, and they will always be successful with a large audience. Capture your baby sibling or pet doing something cute and share it with your YouTube viewers. Videos of cute kids or dogs have the potential to quickly make us smile, and they may be your YouTube channel’s Kickstarter.

Comparison Videos

YouTube users who wish to learn more about rival items before purchasing one might benefit from comparison films. Give visitors a good idea of what each product has to offer while emphasising both its advantages and disadvantages. You may use your video to compare two or more goods. Giving the items a rating at the conclusion of the video that expresses your view of them is a nice idea.

Behind The Scenes Videos

Show your followers how you prepare for and record your videos by taking them behind the scenes. Show them all of the steps involved in creating high-quality material and offer them tips on how to make their own films. To make your subscribers chuckle, provide bloopers and outtakes from some of your most recent videos. This is another common video format used by organisations to introduce their staff and establish a more personal connection between their brand and their consumers. Use behind-the-scenes film to illustrate your items and how they’re created to give additional insight into your firm.

If you feel YouTube is your cup of Tea, then go for it. All of these ideas can for sure fetch you 1000s of YouTube video views. Always remember to be honest towards your subscribers.

Plan a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Happy learning!