The middle of 2000 saw an enormous rise in the popularity of YouTube coinciding with the transition of genres such as electro and dubstep into the ‘mainstream’ category of music. YouTube music promotions helped in popularizing a huge amount of music that was otherwise unrepresented. Now, we have an army of channels that can make or break an artist’s career with their influence on the internet using the world. Although music promotional channels are comparatively a new trend, collaborating with them is essential to get more plays on your music.

Below are some tips to make your new EDM track a chartbuster:

Unique And Great Music

The first step is to produce a track that is new and memorable. Music that people would want to hear on loop, will help in persuading promoters to enhance the viewers on your track/music video.

Promotion Channels

Search for a promoter channel that is suitable for the music genre that you create. You should be okay with the fact that these channels will gather revenue from your track while you get the required exposure. Choose a channel that has regular activity and has a wide subscriber base.

Pitching Your Music To Promoters

Keep your pitch short and script. Tell them the idea behind your music and include all the info that they may need to review the track.

Promoter Benefits

Promoters are glad when they receive exclusive rights to upload a particular track. If you don’t want that, you can also go for previews that allow promoters to launch your music before any other blog or channel.

Allow Copyright

In the beginning, exposure of your music should be the only concern. Thus, allowing copyright will help in making it more appealing. It will also help in reducing the risk of your channel being flogged by YouTube.

Vloggers And Gamers

Collaborate with Vloggers and gamers to allow them to use your music as a background score for their videos. Ask them to add a link to your music video in their description. This way you can attract the subscribers from their channels to listen to your music.

Create Playlists

You can make a playlist of songs similar to your track with a trending title. Put your track on the top of the playlist, then add some other famous songs. This way when people click on the playlist, the first song they listen to is yours.

Use Relevant Hashtags

This will let other people discover your music and increase your rank in SEO. You can out 3 hashtags in your description or one in your title. It is a relatively new feature on YouTube but highly efficient.

Attractive Artwork

Create interesting anime videos or catchy thumbnails to engage people in your music video. This can also be an effective way to advertise and popularize your song. Attractive social media posts can also lure more people into listening to your music.

Consistency Is The Key

Upload your music regularly. The more you upload, the higher chance of people discovering your art. Also, don’t give up if some of your videos don’t do well. Hang in there, keep creating, and one day you’ll be trending on YouTube.

While there are hundreds of EDM artists on YouTube now, there is always something left to explore. You just have to find that unexplored habitat of music and make it great. And moreover, using YouTube Music Promotions will provide you the edge that enables your plays to roll and in no time you’ll have millions of subscribers and fans.