Music channels on YouTube with good foundational work are well known to grow exponentially. This very ground work is layered with the help of promotional companies. While most promotional campaigns are costly, there are some companies that provide cost-effective packages. So, what are music promotion packages? And can my unhealthy budget afford them? 

Musicians that take help from promotional services show quick growth in their channel. This is because these services are handy in creating awareness and spreading word about your music channel. 


Promozle is a pioneer in the field of promotional works. The company is an online video marketing service that has spread itself in every part of the world.

With their well-established direct link with YouTube, the company can promote their clients videos on YouTube, various blogs, websites etc.

Their real YouTube music promotions are a big  help to promote music videos on YouTube and its partner websites. They offer various personalized marketing strategies which are  devised by experts at the company. 

To avail the benefits offered by Promozle, all you have to do is provide the URL of your video. This URL is further checked and within 24 hrs their promotional activities began. 

Clients are free to choose from their cost-efficient packages, this is followed by a confirmation mail to the client as soon as possible.

Promozle is a very trustworthy YouTube marketing company. They are transparent in their dealing and provide timely reports on their progress. The same is also reflected on your YouTube Analytics feature. 

 Their extensive keyword research ensures that their clients’ music videos spread and gather many fans worldwide. Soon, you will evidently experience numerous viewers and subscribers, thus reaching your YouTube channel to greater heights.

Packages by Promozle

Promozle offers 9 exclusive cost-effective packages that take your needs and requirements into consideration. The more prominent features pertaining to each package are as follows. You can choose a package that suits your needs and requirements.

YouTube Video Promotion Packages

The Lite option is the very first package that prices $30.00. This package Promotes any 1 video of your desired choice. Moreover, you are entitled to get 3000-3500 Real YouTube Video Views. This package also includes organic YouTube Likes, Comments and Subscribes with a set of Real Watch Time. 

These packages are good to try and experience the packages and the working of the company.

The Pro package is adaptable to increase real views. This package offers 5000-6000 Real YouTube Video Views for any 1 video of your choice. This package also includes organic YouTube Likes, Comments and Subscribes with a set of Real Watch Time. 

This is one of the popular music promotion packages designed to gain real YouTube video views. If you opt for this package you can promote any 1 of your desired videos for $100.00. With this you can get 10000-11500 Real Views. Moreover, Organic YouTube Likes, Comment and Subscribes. 

The Premium package is more affordable towards videos that require real views. With a price of $250.00 you can promote any 1 video of desired choice and expect 25000-27000 Real Youtube Video Views. With this package you can get records of real watch time than viewers take to see the video. This is 1 of the unique features of this package . 

With a rate of $500.00, this package lets you enjoy 50000-55000 Real Youtube Video Views for any 1 video of your desired choice. Like Premium it also provides a report on real watch time that Viewers spent on your videos. 

The Esteem package is their highest price starting at $1,000.00. In this package you can select any 1 video to promote. With this package you can expect 100000-110000 Real Youtube Video Views. 

Other Benefits associated with this package include real watch time (optional), the number of subscribers, Likes and Comments you gained for carrying out promotional work (optional). This feature will provide you in a report form with no additional changes. 

You can also select the desired location to promote your YouTube Music Video. 

The above 9 packages highlight the unique features you can avail with respect to a particular package. 

These are also some common benefits which clients are free to enjoy when they purchase any of the above packages.

YouTube Channel Promotion Packages

This package let’s you enjoy the benefit of promotional services for 3 videos at $80.00 only. Each selected video is entitled to get 3000-3500 Real Youtube Views.

The Gold package is 1 of the most effective marketing packages that Promozle offers. With a variable price starting from $225.00 you can promote any 5 videos. Each of the 5 videos will get real YouTube views ranging within 5000-6000. In addition to that, with an extra charge of +$2.00 you are free to Select Demographics of different age groups. You can select the age group that best suits your music starting from an age group of 18 till 55+. You can also include the gender of the age group you selected. 

That’s still not the end, with an extra +$5.00 you can select various musical Fans. Promozle provides a list of probable fans based on your music requirements. Example hip hop music fans, classical music fans, Music lovers etc.

This is one of the most valuable plans you are entitled to.

If you are searching for music promotion packages that promote bulk videos then Platinum is the right choice. 

Here you can promote any 10 videos of desired choice for only $900.00. Moreover, each  video is sure to get 10000-11500 Real Youtube Views. The option to get a report on real watch time by viewers is also available. 

In addition to that, just like the package Gold you are free to choose music fans with a +$5.00 extra charge.  This package allows clients to target an audience based on gender and their respective age groups all for +$2.00. 

Well, that’s not the end of it, clients are also free to choose a country or location. It truly is a Platinum Package living up to its name. 

These common benefits include, 

  • More Active Audience.
  • Organic And Fast Growth is real and not fabricated.
  • A good ranking position ( preferably first page).
  • Promotional activities in accordance with YouTube’s Algorithms.
  • A golden opportunity in the Trending Section.
  • Checking results of promotions that reflect in Video Analytics on YouTube.
  • YouTube Monetization eligibility
  • Permanent number of views, subscribers , comments and likes.
  • Secured Promotional Methods that don’t cause harm or discrimination.
  • Professional, Result- Driven views.
  • 100% Success with quality results
  • Promotional activities starts within 24hr from contact.
  • Delivers results in 2-5 days
  • 24/7 Email Support with Experts.

These were the music promotion packages that are available to users that contact Promozle. For more information you can always contact the company or check out their websites.