In every field, where there is the involvement of the audience, promotion is a must. And promotion is not an easy thing to do whether it is promoting an election party or you want to promote your YouTube channel.

Well, after going through the whole blog you will not end up knowing about the tips to promote an election party. But, you will surely end up knowing about how you can promote your youtube channel.

Why YouTube Channel Promotion Is Important?

In case you are a content creator and you are new to the YouTube platform, then the primary component you should be looking for is lots of subscribers.

But to get more subscribers, you need to get extra views so that you can earn through YouTube. But, the harsh fact is that you ought to promote your YouTube channel.

A lot of YouTube set of rules work called YouTube Algorithm behind the scenes to promote your YouTube channel and most people are unaware of those primary matters.

So, if you need to promote your channel then importing a YouTube video isn’t the ultimate thing. The real and one of the most important works begins from here and that is promoting your YouTube channel.

Because, by knowing the tips you can increase the reach of your YouTube video which ultimately will assist you to get real views on YouTube.

Did you understand that during a single day, users from everywhere in the world consume more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content and with this sort of competition the query is what you can do to face it?

So, through this blog, I can be sharing some strategies and recommendations to promote your YouTube channel.


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Organising Your Videos

Nobody loves unorganised things. Unorganised videos mean frustrating your audience, which is not beneficial for you to promote your YouTube channel in any way.

As in the house, libraries, and shops we split the places into different section and places a similar object in the same section. For example, all the t-shirts in a clothing shop can be placed under the t-shirt section.

In a library, all the books related to physics can be placed in the physic’s bookshelf. You can apply this to your YouTube videos also, by splitting your content into different playlists and placing them in those playlists accordingly.

There was a time when people loved watching movies. But, with streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., the popularity of pop-up web series is growing like crazy and even surpassing the popularity of movies.

Now people prefer to watch web series instead of movies, YouTube videos can do the same. Instead of creating a long YouTube video, try breaking it into sections and creating a playlist of those YouTube videos. This will help you to increase traffic on your YouTube videos.

Not only will this help you keep your channel organised and tidy, but it will also help you promote your YouTube channel to get more views.


In content creation, the connection simply means collaborating with other content creators. Well, collaboration is a type like that.

In collaboration, you collaborate with other brands or with content creators to promote YouTube videos.

This collaboration enables both parties to increase their reach. This may not simply assist you to promote your YouTube channel, however, you will get the chance to make new friends, travel to new locations, recognize how others work, grow your productiveness, research new things, and so on.

Don’t watch for others to reach you for collaboration, take the first step and attain brands and different content creators for YouTube collaboration.

Talk with them through social media platforms, emails, and so forth. Collaboration could be very essential in case you need to promote your YouTube channel hastily.

Video Titles

With regards to looking at a YouTube video all of us go looking at it with the help of typing the keyword within the search box.

Now, you should need your YouTube video to display on top of the search results. And this is where the title of your video is available.

If your video has keyword-friendly title, then there is a higher chances of your video getting indexed on the top of the search results.

At the same time as writing the YouTube video title, suppose from the angle of the user that, in case you are a person then what you will type in the search box.

Also, you should think that, what are the one-of-a-kind kind of words that one can type while attempting to find your video.

Once you get the idea, then write your YouTube video name keeping the keyword in the titlemind. This is easy, however, one of the most important aspects to grow your YouTube channel for more views.


You can customise many components of your YouTube channel and take it to a whole new level. You can customise thumbnails, video titles, channel descriptions, banner images, basic info, and many more components.

Why should you customise? 

Customization can improve the look and feel of things to a great extent. 

Let’s understand this by taking the example of two components: thumbnails and channel trailers. 

Let’s start with the channel trailer. Before the release of a movie or web series, production firms make their trailers available so that potential viewers can get a sense of the tone and content of the film or web series before deciding whether or not to watch it.

Trailers play a very important role in attracting viewers, and most content creators don’t know that their YouTube channel page has a channel trailer.

What are channel trailers? 

A YouTube channel trailer is a short trailer that you can use to give a short, detailed introduction to your channel or provide information about yourself.

Channel trailers play automatically whenever a user reaches your channel page. Your channel trailer should be short (channel trailers should be under 60 seconds), give users a reason to stay, and you can use it to introduce your channel or yourself.

Create a fun channel trailer to eventually convert your audience into subscribers and promote your YouTube channel.

Now, let’s move on to the other example which is video thumbnails.

We all know that the human brain remembers images more than words, which means that you are not likely to remember what you learn.

But, you will remember what you see because the human brain prefers images to text. And so, even if your YouTube video hits the search at the top of the results, there’s still a good chance that people won’t watch your video because of bad thumbnails.

Users will only watch YouTube videos if they like the thumbnail. When a viewer opens YouTube or searches for a video, the first thing that catches their eye is the thumbnail image.

After which the viewer decides whether to watch the video or scroll to the next video. By default, YouTube takes a snapshot of your video and uses it as a thumbnail.

But, the thumbnail is not reliable because the snapshot can look blurry, unattractive and ultimately lead to a drop in views. So always try to create thumbnails yourself.

Thumbnails should be simple, attractive, eye-catching, and descriptive. Creating thumbnails is not rocket science. You can use Canva to create thumbnails for your YouTube videos to help promote your YouTube channel.

Now, you have a brief about what customization can do to your YouTube channel, this was just a glimpse of it. YouTube provides you with so many customization features, and to get the most out of YouTube, using YouTube customization features is a must.

Content Type

The YouTube videos you upload must be linked to your YouTube channel. This will help YouTube’s algorithms in ranking your YouTube channel.

Choose a specific market your YouTube video will focus on and then create your YouTube video based on the audience you want to target, giving your YouTube video more reach and views.

Look. This way, you will be able to target a specific audience, you will be more focused, and you will be clear about the type of content you should be creating.

Everyone loves free stuff and so viewers love giveaways or contests. Organizing giveaways and contests will help you build your YouTube channel community.

YouTube videos related to a contest or grant get more views than regular videos, so try to make this type of video because it is useful for your YouTube channel.

Create tutorials and even DIY videos because they look more interesting to viewers than regular videos. These types of videos will help you promote your YouTube channel more.

Videos Quality

Gone are the days when people first waited to load YouTube videos to avoid buffering. Now everyone has access to 4G or 5G networks that provide high-speed internet and many people have access to Wi-Fi.

This means that YouTube no longer buffers videos. Anyone can watch YouTube. High-definition videos without worrying about YouTube video buffering.

That is why it is so important for creators to upload YouTube videos in high definition so that viewers can enjoy watching YouTube videos in high definition and ultimately increase the reach. 

As a result, it will help your YouTube videos to get views and promote your YouTube channel. Don’t forget about the quick videos or what YouTube calls YouTube shorts.

Quick video means videos below 1 minute which can be very famous nowadays. The app named musically started this quick video fashion that’s now properly popularly called TikTok.

After that, social media structures like Instagram followed this fashion and named it reels and now YouTube has YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts are YouTube videos less than 1 minute.

And the reason that humans love to watch quick videos is that these videos provide extra information in less time, and also provide a brief entertainment.

YouTube algorithms are extra centred on promoting YouTube shorts than YouTube videos. And that is why you need to create more YouTube shorts.

With this, you may be capable of promoting your YouTube channel through YouTube algorithms and increasing your views.

Frequency Of Video Uploading

The YouTube algorithm prefers to promote active YouTube channels over inactive YouTube channels. A YouTube channel where creators continue to post videos is called an active channel.

Whereas, an inactive YouTube channel is called a channel where the creator or owner no longer uploads or rarely uploads videos.

Subscribers will only continue to subscribe to your YouTube channel if you continue to upload videos. Otherwise, the YouTube algorithm will reduce the reach of your YouTube channel and YouTube videos.

This will not help you promote your YouTube channel in any way. Most of the new YouTube creators fail because they lose motivation and quit when they don’t see results.

But trust me, if you want to be popular on YouTube, consistency is the key to success for YouTube Creators. For a YouTube channel, you need to be consistent and focus on creating quality content and making quality YouTube videos.

If you are willing to spend some money to promote your YouTube channel, organise your YouTube channel and YouTube videos.

Also, use other social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel, and always do some research and implementation. And if you need to grow fast you can use a genuine YouTube channel promotion service.


Becoming a YouTube video creator is simple, but becoming a successful YouTube video creator is not. It takes strategy, time, effort, and so on.

Success is determined by a variety of factors. The only one over which you have control is your ability to do the work. Now, use the strategies and tips listed above to promote your YouTube channel, increase the reach of your YouTube videos, and remain creative at all times.