This  pandemic has given a lot of advantages to online marketing. Whether it’s about selling goods or promoting content, the first choice would be of course taking help of online platforms. Similarly, promoting music has become quite easy because of amazing platforms like YouTube. Watching YouTube videos has become an everyday habit for people, especially youngsters. So it’s the first choice of every musician to promote their music on YouTube. But promoting your music through marketing agencies would cost pretty high. But don’t worry, there are a lot of ways to promote YouTube music for free, which requires a lot of hard work.

I am going to quickly run through some astonishing ways to promote YouTube music through different strategies.

Use Search Engine Optimization

SEO targets your music search. It improves search engine rankings and can help your music to be in a good position. If you have a separate website for your music too, then SEO is helpful for it. Always use words in title, description and tags which often resembles what people search for. Using SEO in the right manner can gain real subscribers for your channel.

Build Up Your YouTube Channel In A Professional Way

Avoid keeping an uncustomary channel. Update your channel in a more legit, more official and more real way. Have a photo only related to your band.


Organized Playlist

Playlist is the most important aspect of music. Most prefer the music to keep on being played as they don’t want to change the song after each play. So make sure that your playlist is well grouped. This practice will help you to get  YouTube subscribers for your channel.

Keep Sharing Option Enabled

YouTube has a “share” option which allows the user to share the particular music to other social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook, instagram and many more. People can share your music to their friends on social media platforms if they like it. This is one of the best ways to promote your music and reach more audience easily.

Find The Target Audience

Shape your music in such a way that it can divert the attention of the audience. Try to use smart ways to promote YouTube music to target youngsters especially teenagers because they are more susceptible and addicted to music.

Try to upload at least thrice a month. Your fans will be eagerly waiting for your music and would get disappointed if you didn’t upload your music on time. There’s also a bell icon on YouTube which helps your fans to get notifications when you upload new music and can get a better kick start for it.

Mention Your Contact Details

Musicians always mention their contact details, especially email so that people can connect them easily. If other YouTube channels, micro celebrities or brand companies want to collaborate with you, then they can contact you smoothly.

Build A Website

Website is a place where all your fans from different social media platforms can gather. YouTube is just helpful to upload. It becomes difficult to convey other necessary information to the audience on YouTube. On your own website, you can provide other messages related to events, announcements, next music release date etc. This is a great way of doing the best YouTube music promotion that anyone can think of.

Keep Learning From Others

You aren’t always perfect. In every position, you need to learn from others. People can share their reviews of your music on YouTube platforms. Some comment positive, while some comment negative.

If you get positive comments, then that’s good because you know that you are doing everything right. But by negative comments you can analyze what is wrong in your music. You will be able to know how you can improve it, so that you won’t make the mistake again.

Networking With Other Bands

Once a wise man said that “Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a process and Working together is a success”. Although you can promote your music solo, when you collaborate with another band who is at your level and want their music to be a success too, then you both can promote music more easily. And that’s another unique feature of YouTube.

YouTube music is a platform where you can find your working partner comfortably. Being connected with other professionals makes your task go on more smoothly and as a result you can promote YouTube channel in a short period of time.

Create A High Quality Music

Adopt good instruments necessary for composing music. Use a high quality camera to make a professional looking video. Autotune is an important factor for every music.

Implicate Credit To Others Brands

Give credit to other goods you have used in your music video, for example cloth brands. If noticed, in return they may market your music or propose a sponsorship. By this, you both will gain profit.

Follow On-Going Trends

Try to include content which is a progressive trend now. For example, the squid game show on Netflix is the hottest topic running right now. Search engine optimization for these trends will be higher in on-going days. For organic music promotion,  use these words or content in your music.

Optimization Of Metadata

Your music includes a lot of information like release date, text tags, track number, cover art, performing artist, mood labels and many more. You also need to keep in mind more things like there shouldn’t be a lack of database standardization.

Also, there shouldn’t be any multiplicity of music data, no short fallings of music ID standard and no human errors. Music can have a lot of external as well as internal errors. A minor error can cause a lot of damage to your music reputation.

Convey Your Story

Continuous uploading of music would make the audience bored. Also upload blogs related to your life story. Talk about your struggles, weaknesses and what motivated you to open up this channel.

Analyzing Your Analysis

YouTube Analytics is an important part of market strategy. You can check summary metrics on the channel dashboard and lever between overview, reach, engagement and audience. This helps in planning how to effectively use the ways to promote YouTube music.

Return Your Fans A Present

Your fans are awarding you the attention you needed. And now it’s time for you to reward them. Have a surprise meet up for lucky fans. You can give shout outs and giveaways for them. Audience will have a positive impact on you and in turn it will help you to boost your YouTube channel


Your success doesn’t depend on how much money you are investing on your music, but how much your backbreaking work is involved. Even though, if you didn’t invest a single penny on music marketing agencies, your music can still go hit. It just depends on the strategies you are coming up with.