YouTube views are the vital aspect of any content creator. But are all views genuine? Let’s explore the major sphere of real YouTube views vs bot views to uncover the truth behind your video metrics.

In the world of YouTube, views matter a lot for success in this social media platform. With the vast competition, the number of views a video receives can be a make or break factor for the content creators. 

As YouTube is the go-to platform for video sharing and consumption, creators from every field merge here to showcase their talents, entertain, educate and share experiences through their videos.

But, the quality of views of the videos matter even more. 

Purchasing real YouTube views is an excellent approach to improve social presence and get your videos seen by a huge number of people. However, all YouTube video views are not created equivalent. You may come across websites to promote YouTube channel. But, you have to be very careful while purchasing YouTube views.

A view in your YouTube video either comes from a real viewer or generated from an automated service. So, don’t you want to know what’s the difference between these two kinds of views? And which one is better to grow your YouTube Channel? 

Let’s go through the striking differences between real views and bot generated views.

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1. User engagement


Real Views

Real YouTube views are the result of authentic user engagement and one of the most important aspects of promoting YouTube channel

When real people find out and watch your content, it signifies they have genuine interest in your content. These viewers usually come from various sources such as social media shares, YouTube recommendations or search results.

Bot Views

Bot views, on the other hand, are artificially generated views. They are created by automated programs. They don’t represent real human engagement.

Bot views don’t result in likes, comments or shares. They lack the interaction that makes YouTube such a vibrant platform.

2. Building Community


Real Views

Real views help to build a dedicated community of loyal viewers and help you get more subscribers on YouTube. These viewers genuinely connect with your content and are more likely to engage with your channel over the long term.

Bot Views

Bot views are not from any genuine viewers. And also, bot views generally come from bot users which are computer programs and not human beings. So, there is no chance that you will be able to build a dedicated community of subscribers for your YouTube Channel.

3. YouTube’s Stance on Views


Real Views

Real YouTube views indicate that your content is resonating with a real audience. They are completely in line with Youtube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

YouTube’s algorithm values real views when ranking and recommending videos. This means that these views can help your content reach a broader audience organically.

Bot Views

Bot views are in violation of YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. YouTube’s algorithms are becoming increasingly adept at identifying the videos with bot generated views.

Moreover, YouTube analyzes the source of traffic, user behavior and the consistency of views over time. So, if a video is found to have an excessive number of bot views, it may be demonetized or removed from the platform.

4. Measuring the Success of Video


Real views

While views are not the only metric that matters. Other factors like watch time, likes, shares and comments also matter for evaluating the success of your video.

Real views from real people stay on your video forever and they connect to your content. They rarely disappear except in some rare occasions where someone deletes their account. 

The real people who watch your content may like or comment on your video, share your video, may purchase a product that you are promoting or they may subscribe to your YouTube channel. As a result, it can increase YouTube traffic and grow your channel.

Bot views

Bot views come from bot users that are computer programs and not human beings. These views barely last for a few hours or a few days after they are added to your video. This is because YouTube detects and removes them along with their accounts.

So, there is no chance that you will be able to convert them into your desired actions.

5. Impact on Content Creators


Real Views

For content creators, real views are not just numbers, they represent authentic connections with audiences. When viewers can genuinely connect with your content, they are more likely to like, comment, share and subscribe.

Building genuine and engaged audiences for your content is one of the best YouTube tricks to get success on YouTube. 

Bot Views

Bot views artificially inflate the view counts to make a video look more popular than it actually is. This can mislead both content creators and viewers. 

Some new content creators resort to bot views to boost their online presence quickly. They may believe that a high view count will attract more real viewers.

But, this approach can have detrimental effects on your YouTube video in the long run. This may harm the Channel’s reputation and can lead to penalties.

6. Investment Value


Real Views

Real views are worth investing money into because they come from real and active users and look genuine. They show interest in your content and share with their companions. 

Buying real views to boost your channel growth is worth every penny as it contributes to your video’s credibility and popularity.

Bot Views

Bot views, which don’t look real, may get you in trouble with YouTube as they are removed after YouTube detects them.

Therefore, it is a total waste of money if you are purchasing bot views to boost your content.

7. Analyze YouTube Metrics


Real Views

Real views provide accurate insights into your video’s performance. You can trust these metrics to make strategies for your content and growth of the channel.

Bot Views

Bot views artificially increase the number of views misleading both you and your audience about your content’s popularity. This can break trust and authenticity.

8. Audience Engagement Growth


Real Views

Real views from real users stay on your video forever and that leads to authentic engagement and help you grow your YouTube channel.

Bot Views

Bot views tend to fall as YouTube finds them and deletes the fake accounts that they came from. They are an unreliable source of engagement growth.


If you want to make it on YouTube, you have to get some good quality, authentic views. Real YouTube views represent genuine engagement, trust, authenticity and long term growth. Whereas bot views create illusions of success that can ultimately harm your channel’s reputation.

The fact is that real views are superior to bot views in every sense. That’s why if you are going to buy YouTube views, it’s important that you buy the real ones as these will provide you with the most benefits.

As a content creator, you must prioritize authenticity and invest in strategies to gain real viewers who genuinely appreciate your content.