YouTube is the second largest search engine. Hence, to grow on this platform is not an easy task. You need to advertise or promote your channel to increase views and subscribers. In this blog, we are going to discuss best ways organic YouTube video promotion.

Organic promotion and paid promotion are two ways to advertise. Organic YouTube video promotion means you advertise your content through free services. In contrast, Paid services mean, paying to advertise.

Although the latter is more effective and less difficult we should keep in mind organic techniques.

Paid promotion yields quick results but if you have patience and time you can go for organic promotion. Let’s know more about organic YouTube video promotion techniques.

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Build Up Channel Reputation

To promote, you need to build up your youtube channel, to dominate in your industry. A good profile picture and cover photos are the first steps.

Make sure to give a good description of your channel, business, and yourself.

The second step is to link your channel to other relevant social media sites if you have any like google+, Linkedin, etc. Also, ask your regular viewers to subscribe, like, and share your content.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is very crucial to improve your rankings. You need to understand SEO and write your content accordingly.

Do ample research about what keyword is searched more to improve your chances of better ranking.

There are various paid and unpaid tools available that help you. For instance, rank tracer and google swords. Write the title and description of the matter carefully after doing the required research.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms can be very useful for promotion. Sharing your content on Google+ and Twitter is very important. It helps increase your traffic and overall reach.

Other platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used by millions of people every day.

You can create video campaigns and post them to all the famous platforms. It increases views and subscribers than the other organic youtube video promotion techniques 

Attractive Thumbnail

Thumbnails are important as they attract people to click on the video and watch it. Youtube allows verified accounts to attach a thumbnail that is a picture that is visible to the audience.

Thumbnail must be set in relevance to the content of the video and make sure it is related to the title as it leads to search engine optimization. Attractive thumbnail brings more people to your channel.

Optimize Your Videos

Optimizing your youtube videos before uploading them needs to be done for search engine optimization, similar to keyword research.

The filename of your video should be optimized according to your keyword phrase.

You can also add more information about your video in the video file. Most of the video editing tools provide you with this feature.


Organic youtube video promotion techniques are great but require a lot of time and effort on your side and also don’t give instant results. For quick results, you can go for paid promotion. Paid promotion is much easier and gives faster results.

For paid promotion, you can hire a  youtube video promotion service. YouTube advertising services give you guarantee results within a set time. When you pay for a service, professionals work to get maximum subscribers and views to your channel.

But before hiring any paid services you should ensure that you have optimized all the techniques of organic promotion.