Starting a channel on YouTube was one of the easiest steps I could handle, the real hustle comes after that. YouTube is known to shelter various creators and help them achieve their goals. As a rookie, I started off with great enthusiasm but reality can be quite harsh. I couldn’t boost my YouTube channel to greater heights. 

Evidently, YouTube stands proud to be referred to as the world’s “second largest search engine,”. As a matter of fact, this is an undeniable truth. YouTube shelters plentiful channels that cover various concepts but not everyone is able to roll up their viewers point. 

The hustle is real and non-ending, I faced them too. Giving up was not really an option so I kept going and guess what? I finally make it good as an upcoming content creator on YouTube. 

Here are some tricks and techniques that specifically helped me achieve my goal to boost my YouTube channel.  


Whether you like it or not, it’s a fact that people are attracted to appealing presentations. In simple words, you need to show your best and attract people at first sight.

People are clearly judgemental. Clearly, if your channel’s presentation is not up to the mark, you are more likely to lose your audience. Make an effort to present your channel in a captivating way. This is your first shot to leave an everlasting impression on your views.

How to achieve this …

  • Create a catchy Channel logo 
  • Unique name for your channel
  • Don’t slack-off on your bio 
  • Include well organized blogs 

Use A Single Keyword Or Topic

It is advisable to create content which circulates around a single topic or keyword. Seems obvious, but it’s a key factor to get a smooth flow of traffic. If you already have some content in mind, find the appropriate keyword that links to your content. This helps to create content that best suits the specific topic. 

Practice And Improve SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization ( SEO) is planning a vital role on YouTube. Many people don’t understand SEO thus they skip these steps. It’s best to practice SEO because it helps to maximize viewers. In addition,  you will be in a better position to understand what is it that your viewers want. Highly views or famed channels specifically use SEO as their guides to create their content.

Short And Sweet Video 

Despite what people say, YouTube videos that range within 5-7 minutes are quite popular. It’s important to create videos that are engaging and fun. Lengthy videos may appear cringe and it’s difficult to create fun and engaging videos over a longer interval. 


  • Reduce lengthy videos to a shorter version.
  • If your video is lengthy, make parts and upload.
  • Give priority to create videos without rush and sloppiness.

Be An Engaging Person 

For one thing, YouTube is a social media channel platform thus it demands social interaction. Don’t shy out to engage with your audience. Nobody will know who you are until you reveal yourself in the content. So you can freely engage with your audience. This will help in growing a healthy relationship with your audience.


  • Feel free to comment and reply back in a good way…
  • Don’t use slang or vulgar words to gain attention, you’re degrading yourself.
  • Keep the peace and be respectful.
  • Do not discriminate against your viewers in any form. 
  • Give words of appreciation, people love that gratitude!

Work On Promotional Activities 

If you have a set of good friends, drop them a text to promote your channel. It certainly is one of the most powerful tools on social media . By sharing your content you are free to attract new viewers. This was one of my methods by which I could engage people over different social media platforms and boost my YouTube channel.


  • Make teaser videos to upload on other platforms.
  • Ask your friends, peers or family to spread the word.
  • Include blogs or other attractive articles. 


In the beginning it was not possible to upload videos on a regular basis. Thinking about how to shoot the videos, what content to present and how? This got my head spinning. Over a period, prepare yourself to upload videos on a regular basis. It may sound intimidating but that’s okay. 


  • Post information about when your next video will release 
  • If possible upload one video per week.
  • Try to post videos at the same time every week.

Go Live 

You can go live while making your video or show clipping behind the scenes. My fans are very crazy about this. It’s a simple way to engage with your audience. Going live is not restricted only to behind the scenes moments, you are free to explore this option. 


  • Show some funny moments that occurred
  • You can even show how much you enjoy making these videos.
  • It’s okay to show your mistakes, humans aren’t perfect!
  • Let your audience know you are likely to go live.

Unique Creation

People love to follow trends. Making trendy videos that have good ranking is an effective strategy for a short period. Trends change thus this is not a great idea. On the contrary, if you have the potential to overturn boring material into something fun go for it. Creating unique content is the only way to move forward with your channel. 

Post Your Video At A Good Time

Post your videos during the peak hours when traffic is loaded. You’re likely to encounter your subscribers buzzing online and divert their attention towards your channel. 


  • Upload videos based on your standard time zone peak hours.
  • Small channels should consider a time zone of their location.

Simple Mistakes That Might Be Degrading Your Channel

SEO techniques best explain how to capture the minds of people. Promotional activities and other factors are important too but if the problem lies in the roots itself, your efforts will fail. Take note of these subtle mistakes upcoming contest creators make that greatly reduce viewers.

  • Your thumbnails are swallowed by others. They basically don’t stand-out. 
  • Lacking Consistency in providing good videos. 
  • You’re creating content without considering your  audience. 
  • Poor quality is maintained throughout your videos 
  • Lacking in editing knowledge 
  • Poor sound quality, with noise.
  • Your video content is not up to the mark! 
  • Language barriers.

Final Words

There are a few hurdles you need to knock-out when handing your channel. It may sound harsh, but these are facts that need to be accepted and acted upon. We all made mistakes, some severe while others may be unintentional. Well, that’s okay. I started off in a similar situation with multiple mistakes and carelessness but now following these simple steps, I’m very confident. I can boost my YouTube channel to greater heights. 

At the end I would like to say do not give up, keep hustling. Your channel surely deserves an extra LIKE for your efforts!