From hilarious moments to trending news, YouTube is bustling with pretty much everything that is relevant to the world right now. Since its inception, YouTube has evolved continuously to become the emperor of video platforms by creating a strong brand presence and providing a platform to thousands of video creators.

Another specialty of the platform is the ability to viral my YouTube video. With its wide user base, there is a good chance for a video, with high-quality content, to go viral in a short duration of time. While virality cannot be forced, there are a few tips and tricks that can help your video stand-out.

Paid Promotions

This is where you’ll spend money promoting it on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms to get maximum possible traffic on your video. Many elaborate YouTube promotion agencies make many versions of the video and promote it to see which one performs the best. Whichever version has the most appeal, is then chosen for the final upload because it has higher chances of getting viral.

Humor or Sensation

One thing in common in a lot of viral videos is that they are funny or controversial. Using one of these components helps with share-ability of the video. People are in constant need to share the things that make them look good and funny videos do that. Using humor can easily help your video go viral. Adding a lot of drama into your content, in the form of graphics or storytelling can also garner a lot of views.

Watch Time

If your video is not funny or sensational and you cannot spend much on advertising, then the only way for you is to produce a video with great content and watch time. A top-notch content piece with huge watch time can impress YouTube. They will then promote your video on the front of their channel and associated videos which will shoot up your views to the next level.

Optimal Length

Most viral videos are on the shorter side of the time span. Cut down on details and give to the point information in your videos. If your content requires a longer format, such as tutorials, make teasers of it to share it on social media and other platforms. Provide a link or end-of-video CTAs to direct your audience to the full video. This will attract only those viewers who are genuinely interested ultimately leading to a more engaged audience.

Proper Tags

Tags offer an insight to the platform’s discovery system about the content and topic of your video. Only use those tags that are relevant to your video and accurately describe your content. Remember that trendy tags are an ever-changing phenomenon. So, as new tags gain popularity on the keyword list, update that tags on your video too. If you are still confused about the right words then use YouTube’s auto-suggest tool.

With the above upgrades to ‘Viral my YouTube video’ video, you can build a highly discoverable and engaging YouTube presence. These tactics will increase your organic optimality and boost views.