The most used video streaming platform is YouTube, it is a fact, and no one can question this fact. We can clearly see the growing number of YouTube users and even YouTubers. But, the problem of undiscoverability is faced by many new talents, most probably due to the lack of knowledge about resources that can help them in their very own journey of promotion.

There are various ways to promote YouTube videos. Here is a list that may help a new YouTuber select a suitable mode of video promotion.

Use Your Social Media

Yes, social media platforms are the very best place to start the promotion of your YouTube videos. These platforms are overly populated.

Thus your music will acquire enough audience through these social platforms. The best thing about these platforms is that you are not required to have a good number of followers or subscribers.

All you have to do while posting your promotional video is that you will have to use relevant keywords, which are usually called hashtags; these tags will make your post visible to every user of that particular social media platform, you will need no pre-existing audiences to gain new subscribers. An easy way to promote YouTube videos.

Just Use YouTube

Another fantastic platform for promoting your YouTube videos is YouTube itself. Using YouTube’s very own unique features, you can efficiently work towards promoting your videos.

You will have to follow some tips for doing that. You have to collect proper keywords for your videos and use them as tags; these tags will make your videos discoverable to your non-subscribers.

Then you will have to use a very appealing thumbnail for your videos; their titles should be engaging too, exciting titles and good thumbnails will make people curious enough, and they will be bound to click on your videos. Using a good description will not hurt either.

And YouTube Playlists Are Always There To Help

Believe it or not, but YouTube playlists are being used extensively for video promotion. Playlisting your videos will give them more exposure.

Most people find playlists more useful when they are in a hurry, and people are always in a hurry. Suppose you have your unique and informational videos playlisted.

In that case, viewers will be unable to take their eyes off your videos and click on another video from a totally different channel.

Because of the feature of Auto-play, your playlisted videos will be playing one after another. Isn’t it the best way of free promotion?

Paid Advertisement Are There Too

All the methods mentioned above can be performed for free, but sometimes free plans take time, rather too much time.

Thus various YouTubers use advertisements for the promotion of their videos. Multiple sites allow YouTubers to advertise their videos on multiple platforms, even on YouTube itself, for a price.

Even social media sites allow artists to promote their creations on these social media platforms, but you have to pay for that. Though this advertisement method is usually used by well-established artists and YouTubers, you can try this method out too.

Thus, as mentioned earlier, you can use all these methods to promote YouTube videos of yours that remain still undiscovered by the users of YouTube. These methods are easy to perform. Most of these can be done for free without worrying about a limited budget or anything else, the best practices for all the new YouTubers out there.