Hip hop is a cultural movement that was made by African Americans, Latino Americans, and Caribbean Americans in the Bronx, New York City. The beginning of the name is regularly questioned. It is likewise a mystery regarding whether hip hop began in the South or West Bronx. Many live and breathe hip hop. It is a way of life. It is a way of protest. For artists, hip hop music promotion is the best way to reach their target audience.

If you compose hip-hop music let’s all be realistic here, that takes dedication on a whole new level. Creating hip hop is hard work. It is also pressure to compose a good song in a market where every day some or the other new artist is coming up with their creations.

How Hip Hop Music Evolved

The prior monopoly of the record labels ruling the music industry has long gone. Moreover, the difficult situation during this period has made online music promotion more readily accessible. It has become more reliable, and trustworthy to begin with. With the gaining popularity of the digital mode, numerous online promotion platforms have come up to support the independent hip hop artists with their music. They actively help you with your music so that your creation gets recognition.

 Accommodation and cost are a major piece of that shift, obviously; Spotify gives you admittance to a tremendous index of tunes, anyplace you go, at the cost of two cups of espresso each month. However, shareability is additionally an enormous factor in our evolving propensities. At the point when you paid attention to a melody on earthly radio, or on a listening station at a record store, or even on a CD — it required some work to share that experience. (Indeed, you’d need to compose a tweet and search around online to track down a decent connection to impart that music to your companions).

So the question that this blog answers is why is YouTube a better platform for hip hop music promotion.

The main thing which an artist needs to understand is that before you can even get to the point of promoting your creation, your music needs to show who you are and your dedication and consistency towards it. There are hundreds of music promotion sites that will help you to promote the same but quality over quantity always. Let’s discuss why YouTube is the best place for hip hop music promotion.

1. Seen By All, Known By All

YouTube is not the only popular website for sharing music, but it is among the younger audience. It has also become the preferred platform for listening to music. I should anticipate that a significant component of that is YouTube’s simple social component, which is similar to Facebook, Twitter, web journals, and other services. This is in addition to accommodations (mobile phone applications) and cost (free). Oh, and then there’s that entire video thing, too, gracious.

2. Get Great Google Rankings

Because of Google’s Universal Search, recordings, pictures, news, books, and community look are mixed in Google’s list items, to give the most helpful data to individuals looking. You may have noticed that videos are increasingly appearing in Google’s list items. This shows that Google believes video to be just about as significant as text-just pages.

You can exploit this by composing great music on your site and making corresponding recordings on YouTube. This way you can get quality backlinks to your site. It means you get found on Google all the more frequently by individuals looking. As a result, you can get subscribers on YouTube very easily.

By using YouTube as a component of your showcasing methodology for your business, you’re additionally expanding the authority of your site. The more definitive your site is in Google’s eyes, the higher every one of your pages will rank in the list items.

3. Your Content Is There Forever

You can reuse video you’ve already created by using YouTube to promote hip-hop without expending a lot of time or money on expensive equipment. Repurposing content you have already created is a fascinating method of content promotion since you may reach an audience or users that will enjoy that particular style of information.

4. Your Audience Will Be From All Over The World

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of utilizing YouTube for hip-hop music promotion. Reliably making music makes the way for new guests who might never listen to your music some other way. If the vibe with it, they attract more audience on the way.

Through YouTube, you can reach an overall crowd regardless of your language barrier and the audience will comfort you through your journey. Haters will hate that’s their job but the real ones always stay.

Additionally, if you can recall the captions for your videos, you can likewise reach new audience as you are taking individuals into account  with various necessities.

According to recent research, videos with closed captions receive 4% more views and recommendations than those without. Your audience will recommend you to others and buy from you. Here, the only rule is to be devoted to your followers in order to earn their support.


Hip hop is not just a genre but it was born out of a result of a culture and art movement in the 70s. So more than the genre it is an emotion for hip-hop lovers. Hip-hop music promotion through YouTube is probably the best decision you can make.

The viewers are huge on YouTube which will help you promote your music better. You can befriend several struggling artists like you and support them while they support you back. Spread your music awareness through the YouTube shorts so that people who do not know about your genre can check it out if they like it. Trust me, in this way you can definitely promote your YouTube channel.

After creating the video, the next thing you should do is hire a hip hop music promotion service. Even with the best music on the globe, without advertising, you may not get the required attention to the song.

Also if you need to get subscribers quickly, think about purchasing real subscribers. Some music promotion services offer this and it could give you an idea of how cost-efficient and successful marketing strategies can be. In no time, you will attract an organic crowd and more people will share your videos and spread the word about what you do.