Having a YouTube channel and not wanting to rank higher or getting a flood of views, likes and subscribers is just not possible. Everyone on YouTube wants that. Therefore, in order to promote your YouTube channel, you need to know the YouTube SEO tips.

It’s pretty obvious that you’re not an exception! But to make that dream to grow big into a realistic thing you’ve to do a lot of things. Between all of those, you should follow the YouTube SEO tips alongside advertising.

Because nowadays it’s very very difficult to rank higher on YouTube in any respective category. The competition is about to touch the ceiling. More than 500+ hours of videos are being uploaded on YouTube.

This platform has become completely different from the starting days. According to official sources,  YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users. And recently, SEMrush found through a research conducted by themselves that it is the second most visited website in the world.

So, in this scenario, to thrive on YouTube you should utilize every possible way to touch your dream in the ground of reality. That’s why, I’d recommend that you should consider doing YouTube SEO and not rely on advertising only.

Here in this article, I’ve shared 7 super workable YouTube SEO tips for you. So that you can rise in the feed of every YouTube account and become a champion big shot in your respective genre.

But before discussing the tips, I think it is important to go over the idea of YouTube SEO and clear the idea more for you and to deepen your understanding of this.

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What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is basically optimizing videos and channels in such a way that our videos and channels would rank higher in the YouTube search results page organically. So that our videos and channels would get more attention from our target audience.

For example, look at these videos and channels. These YouTube videos are not ranked by advertising, instead all of these videos got higher ranks and lots of views, likes etc. as a result of doing remarkable YouTube SEO efforts.

Figure Showing Popular YouTube Channels Following YouTube SEO

Now that we understand the concept of YouTube SEO inside out, let’s discuss the actual YouTube SEO tips which will let you have the wildest dream of ranking at the top of the search results in reality.

7 Super Remarkable YouTube SEO Tips To Get The Top Position In The Search Results

1) Come Up With An Interesting Topic

When you’re starting to create your content, then in the first step of this content creating process and doing YouTube SEO, try to find some really interesting and valuable content ideas. This is one of the most important YouTube tricks towards your success.

Moreover, it will act as the very base on which your videos will rock on YouTube search results (Means, after searching something in which page YouTube shows the results against your query, that page is being called YouTube search results page.) 

Now you can ask how I can come up with such interesting and also valuable topics to make my next video? 

Great question!

The answer is…

The process to come up with an interesting topic for YouTube videos

Bar Chart Showing Statistics Of Various Video Topics

First you need to see what type of content is working for others means for your competitors. What type of content is getting more attention (likes, views etc.) within your niche or your industry, in which industry you’re in on YouTube?

Get the answer for these questions and then try to make something related to that or something similar by adding your own unique flavour. 

Another way is that you can go to your YouTube analytics and see what type of content of your channel is getting more traction (Like, views, comments etc.) or what viewers of your channel or your target audience of your channel want to see from you. Try to lean towards making those types of videos more and more.

These are some of the practical ways to come up with an interesting topic for your next YouTube video.

2) Conduct Keyword Research 

Now that you have your topic to make your next video, you should proceed towards conducting a thorough keyword research. This is another tip that alone has the potential to make a huge difference in terms of getting the desired rank on YouTube results page.

That’s why you should do this with utmost care, otherwise you would miss a huge chance of reaching the exact point you want to.

Because in the case of ranking, keywords play a big role, believe it or not! 

Here, if you add relevant keywords ie. keywords related to your videos and your channel’s topic, then whenever people or viewers would search for content like yours then YouTube’s algorithm would begin its search for exact contents against that query. And then, in that process YouTube’s algorithm would find your videos and your channel. 

This is how the YouTube algorithm generally works every time a viewer searches for content or videos on this platform. In that case, would you prefer to miss the chance of getting more eyeballs through keywords? 

Of course not!

That’s exactly why you should consider adding keyword or keywords in places like video title, description etc. But how to find keywords for videos? Let’s discuss that : 

Ways to conduct keyword research for YouTube SEO

See, you don’t need to have some super fancy tools to do that. You can accomplish that for free simply on YouTube. YouTube actually gives you a feature which is actually a good keyword research tool for creators or any other person making YouTube videos.

Here obviously, if you want then you can use fancy tools, there are many of them in the market. But I’m going to talk about a free way to do this. 

So, what you need to do is to go to YouTube and then use the search box to search for something related to your topic. Then YouTube will show you a list of other topics or phrases people are searching within your niche.

YouTube Search Box Showing How To Conduct Keyword Research

And those suggestions are actually potential keywords in itself which you can use for your videos. This is the way to use YouTube to perform keyword research for Free!

3) Create Interesting, Engaging & Valuable Videos

Don’t make another boring and crappy video. It’s really really bad for YouTube SEO. Already on YouTube there are tons of videos like that. So create interesting and also valuable videos. 

See what type of videos are trending these days. If you can tap into trending topics then there will be a chance of getting over the top views, likes, subscribers all of that.

Showing How To Find Trending YouTube Videos Using Google Trends

Another way to make your videos interesting is to divide the topic into subtopics and discuss the topic like that. Like – if you are sharing 6 tips to choose a good pet dog, then try to divide the video.

And discuss 6 tips differently. That way there will be a mystery. People will be curious to know what you’re going to share in the next tip. 

And this will make your videos interesting and also you’ll get the necessary watch time which will give your videos and your channel more visibility in the long run.

These are some of the ways to make your videos more engaging and it is one of the most important YouTube SEO tips. Also don’t forget to add proper value. Without this your videos will fail and I can guarantee you for that. 

Always think, is this video going to add something meaningful in their life? If not, maybe your video is just crap. Don’t publish that!

4) Pay Close Attention Of Your Video Production

Video production plays a big role in the success of your YouTube channel.  If you apply all the best practices of YouTube SEO but you didn’t raise your video production or I can say your video quality then you’ll not see that level of growth or even you may see your failure.

That’s why it’s very important to work on your production. But it’s not like you have to purchase a high quality camera, microphone, fancy lighting etc. you just need to use a good quality mobile phone either an android or iphone whatever you’ve.

Important things to raise video quality

Light: Because we’re talking about videos, so naturally, video quality matters. That’s why you should shoot your videos in the daylight, if you don’t have sophisticated lighting. Believe it or not, you can even beat videos with fancy setup just by shooting your videos in the sunlight. No one can compete with the sun. Sunlight is the king of all lights around us.

Microphone: Another thing you need is to use a good microphone to record your voice. Costly mic is not mandatory, but a decent mic in budget will work fine. 

I know we’re talking about videos here but audio also plays a huge part when it comes to succeeding on YouTube. Because videos are not all about video, audio too works hard to decorate the stage for video success. 

For this reason, you need to make sure that the audio quality of your videos are on point. Otherwise, people will turn your videos off if they can’t listen to what you’re saying. 

Background: Don’t shoot your videos when your background is still unchecked. Before pressing the record button, pause for a moment and give a thought about your background. Otherwise, if you already have an expensive mic, camera, and proper lighting, all of those will fail without any doubt.

Again, you don’t need to spend dollar’s on creating a beautiful background. Just choose a good background that won’t distract your viewers. That’s it!

5) Length Of The Videos Of The Videos Matters

These days, people don’t have that level of concentration that they will watch 1 or 2 or even half hour long videos mostly (if you’re not very famous and you’ve got a substantial amount of followers or subscribers). So aim for shorter videos. 

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll create only 2 or 3 minute long videos. You need to settle your videos in the middle so they don’t come off as too short or too long.

Recently, a study found that there is actually a good relationship between the ranking of YouTube videos and the video’s length. According to this study –

  • Those videos that are less than 2 minutes generally don’t perform very well on YouTube. 
  • Mostly, the first 5 videos duration ranges from 10-25 minutes.
Showing YouTube Videos That Are Popular Having Long Duration

So, you can see  from these statistics that if you invest in making videos about 10 minutes long then it would be a good idea. But by these words, I don’t intend to mean that you should make every video between 10 minutes. 

No! Definitely not. Consider this as a guide for your video creation. But you know, what is more important than to make 10 minutes long? It’s relevancy. 

Relevancy is more important over a video’s duration or length. Even if you check the box by creating 10 minutes long videos but fail to the department of relevancy then your videos will be doomed, for sure.

6) Add Subtitles And Transcriptions In Your YouTube Videos

YouTube’s algorithm is not us, humans. It is just a system or a bot or a program. So, it’s very natural that it wouldn’t understand videos and images. It only understands the coding and texts. 

That’s why if you add subtitles and transcriptions in your videos then YouTube will better understand your content and by that there would be a better chance to get a higher position. 

Now, if you ask about transcription then I would say that this is basically a transmission of your video into some words or simply into text. 

You can turn transcription into captions by adding timestamps.

Showing A YouTube Video Having Subtittles And Transcriptions

In the present, lots of people consume content on YouTube when their audio is off. This is another solid reason for adding your subtitle and transcription. 

Mainly this feature is employed to help those who’re not able to enable their device’s audio (maybe they’re in their office or in some sort of situation) or those who have the problem of having hearing impairment. 

So, just by adding subtitles and transcriptions you’ll get all of these benefits in the end. This also adds more information about your video, which by the way will be proven as a tool which enables the convenience of your viewers.

7) Rename Your Video With Keyword

There are many places we can use keywords when it comes to YouTube SEO. But, in any case, do you know, using keywords starts even before uploading the video on YouTube? 

Yes. Because keyword placement is not limited to only title, description, tags there are some other places you can use keywords. One of those is using keywords in the name of the video file.

Showing How To Rename A File Of YouTube Videos

Instead of uploading a video file with a name full of unmeaningful numbers and codes (like VID_778108452135.mp4) you can rename your video files with your chosen keywords. This is one of the greatest YouTube SEO tips you can do to increase YouTube traffic of your videos. 

This will make sure that the YouTube platform itself understands about your videos more clearly.


So, these are some of the most important YouTube SEO tips for you. In the title I’ve said that these are the most incredible tips. And this statement is not an exaggeration at all. Because applying these tips will definitely change your game on YouTube over the night. 

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll get millions of billions of likes, subscribers, unthinkable hours of watchtime etc. in just one night just after applying these tips. Instead, applying these tips will pave the path of possibility of that happening. 

Now, you can ask, which is the most superb YouTube SEO tip among all of these according to me? Well it’s ‘Creating interesting, engaging & valuable videos for your audience’. This is the most precious tip I have offered you. If your videos serve this one then everything will take their own place properly.