21 Valuable YouTube Tricks And Features To Explore In 2024

21 Valuable YouTube Tricks And Features To Explore

YouTube has become an indispensable platform for sharing, discovering, and enjoying a vast array of videos. But did you know that beneath its familiar interface lies a treasure trove of hidden YouTube tricks and features that can enhance your viewing and uploading experience?

From keyboard shortcuts to advanced editing techniques, we’ve compiled a list of 21 YouTube tricks that are sure to enhance your YouTube journey and promote your YouTube channel. Let’s discuss in detail.

1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Navigate YouTube

Ditch the mouse and navigate YouTube like a pro using keyboard shortcuts. Press “K” to play or pause, “J” to rewind 10 seconds, and “L” to fast forward 10 seconds.

Switch between videos on your homepage using the arrow keys and dive into the comment section with a press of “C”.

2. Make Links That Open At Particular Times

Why share an entire video when you can highlight the best part? Create links that start videos at specific timestamps. Simply right-click on the timeline, select “Copy video URL at current time”, and let your friends enjoy the essence.

3. Save The Video’s Thumbnail To Your Computer

Spot a captivating thumbnail you’d like to use? Right-click the thumbnail, choose “Open image in new tab”, and seize the moment by downloading the image.

4. Convert A Youtube Video Into A Gif

Infuse creativity into your content by turning hilarious or memorable moments from videos into GIFs. Add “gif” before “youtube” in the URL to access the GIF creation tool.

5. View The Video’s Transcript

For the text-loving audience, transcripts are a gem. Click on the three dots below the video player and select “Open transcript” to solve the spoken content in text form.

6. Make A Customized Youtube Url

Stake your claim in the YouTube world by personalizing your channel’s URL. Navigate to your channel’s advanced settings and create a custom URL that resonates with your channel.

7. Provide A Link To Auto-Subscribe

Simplify the subscription process for your viewers by making auto-subscribe links. Just add “?sub_confirmation=1” to your channel URL and let the magic happen.

8. To Increase Accessibility And Seo, Create Closed Captioning

Enhance your video’s accessibility and search engine visibility by incorporating closed captions. Start with YouTube’s automatic captioning or upload your own for a polished touch.

9. Translation Of Video Descriptions And Titles

Expand your global reach by translating video titles and descriptions into various languages. Foster a connection with diverse audiences and showcase your content’s inclusivity.

10. Add Cards To Your Videos

Inject interactivity into your videos with cards. Promote other videos, polls, merchandise, and more through interactive cards that pop up at strategic moments.

11. Promote Additional Content On End Screens

As your video winds down, seize the opportunity to promote more content using end screens. Link related videos, encourage subscriptions, and keep viewers engaged.

12. Include A Personalized Subscribe Button On Videos

Channel viewer attention to your subscribe button by customizing its appearance and placement. Make subscribing a seamless part of your viewers’ experience.

13. Download License-Free Music And Sound Effects

Enhance your videos’ audio with a professional touch. Access YouTube’s library of royalty-free sound effects and music to add that extra layer of quality.

14. In Your Videos, Blur Individuals Or Objects

Maintain privacy or build suspense by blurring objects or faces in your videos. Use YouTube’s built-in blur tool to achieve the desired effect with ease.

15. Playlists Help Visitors Continue To Watch

Keep viewers engaged and binging on your content by curating playlists. Arrange your videos in a logical sequence to create an immersive viewing experience.

16. Pin A Comment On Your Feed

Bring attention to important comments by pinning them at the top of your comment section. Acknowledge fans, answer questions, and make announcements effectively.

17. Compile A List Of Words To Avoid

Nurture a positive community by setting up a blocked words list. Automatically filter or review comments containing specific words to maintain a respectful environment.

18. Plan To Publish A Video Later

Optimize your content release strategy by scheduling videos to go live at the perfect time. Ensure your content reaches your audience when it matters most.

19. Research And Get Ideas From Google Trends

Stay ahead of the curve by using Google Trends to explore trending topics and search patterns. Tailor your content to match the current buzz and capture audience interest.

20. Edit Multiple Videos Simultaneously

Save time and effort by making edits across multiple videos simultaneously. Update descriptions, tags, and captions across your video library efficiently.

21. Launch A Pre-Recorded Premiere

Merge the excitement of live interaction with the polish of pre-recorded content through Premieres. Engage with your audience during the premiere to build a vibrant community.


YouTube is more than just a video platform – it’s a playground of possibilities waiting to be explored. These 21 tricks are only the tip of the iceberg.

As you delve into the depths of YouTube’s features, you’ll uncover even more ways to make your experience as a viewer or creator truly extraordinary. So go ahead, start implementing these tricks, and watch your YouTube journey transform!

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