Videos Viral On YouTube Can Originate From The Latest Trends, Why And How?

Videos Viral On YouTube Can Originate From The Latest Trends Why And How

YouTube is one the most engaging platforms people use for entertainment. It’s popularity as a video-exclusive platform gathers content creators to showcase their talents and specialties. Some videos run viral on YouTube  because they are some of the best videos in aspects of entertainment. 

What Is Viral Video On YouTube?

A viral video is basically a video that becomes popular through a viral process with the help of Internet sharing. These videos go viral on repeated sharing using video sharing websites like YouTube or social media and email. Viral videos include various concepts. They can depict something funny or serious, some videos are also deeply emotional. But most videos are more  centered on entertainment and humorous content.

Now, if you run a YouTube channel and aspire to create videos that go viral, you need to follow some steps. Basic steps include understanding of what videos go viral and how to turn a video viral.

Steps to generate videos that will eventually go viral :

Here are some steps that can build up a new viral video on YouTube. It’s not going to occur within a fortnight but you can obviously give your best.

1. Unique Video Content

Unique Video Content

Creation of unique content can help get videos viral on YouTube. A video consisting of funny content is more prone to go viral. This helps to gain better followings and organic audiences. It’s better to think out of the box to elicit viral videos.

2. Keep It Engaging

Keep It Engaging

You must have noticed boring bland content doesn’t get viral on the internet. In most cases people don’t view boring videos even for a minute. Discover new themes and topics with quality content. Get your thinking caps on and innovate something out of the box. Get yourself to experiment on new videos. Engaging content drives traffic and helps you to promote YouTube video.

3. Play Emotions

Play Emotions

Viral videos have something in common i.e. emotions. Emotions play a vital role in determining the video’s fate to go viral. Creating a video with an emotional basis is good. Build an emotional connection with the viewers. It can be sad, happy or cringe etc. Evidently this emotional connection is how videos find their way to people and grow viral.

4. Share Content

Share Content

It’s equally important to share your videos on social media platforms. These platforms help nurture viral videos and spread them around. Sharing is best optimized on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Once you have posted your video on YouTube, make it a point to promote it on your other social media accounts/ channels. People with decent following have a slightly better chance to make videos viral i.e. if your video stands worthy of it! 

The more you share your video the larger the audience. Share your videos with friends, families or co-workers. The more the better. 

Another way to make your  videos viral on YouTube is to reach out to brands having a large following. If you can come to collaborate with some other YouTubers, you can gain real subscribers and they might willingly share your video with their audience.

5. Trends


Videos that go viral on YouTube can originate  from the latest trends or happenings. Use trends to your advantage, observe them wisely and channel them into something creative. You can try recreating trends into something funny or engaging. Tweak them in accordance to your liking.

A good variety of the original can possibly boost popularity. Infuse as many meaningful variants you can think of that could leave an impact. Trends don’t last long after a while they subside. Utilize them till they are beneficial to promote your music.

6. Reddit


Ever wondered how a viral video comes into existence? They don’t just pop up randomly as it sounds.  Videos viral on YouTube originate from Reddit. It is one of the main sources for trendy videos. Here people share links of videos they find suitable, from funny to sad till informative, they have all types of videos.

Based on the number of likes a video gets, it evidently shows how popular it is. You need to find the popular videos, they are exactly what you are searching, your new viral video material.

7. Keywords


Appropriate utilization of keywords in digital marketing is unbeatable. The same applies on  YouTube, you require keywords to gain an audience. With good keywords you can rank your video  higher in the search results and as a result you can promote your YouTube channel.

Place keywords appropriately in your videos titles, descriptions, captions and blogs. Relevant keywords make a good foothold, use them wisely.

8. Produce Quality Content

Produce Quality Content

Videos with good content go viral. In other words, if your video offers genuine content, then you can surely expect the video to go viral. Make sure your video gains appropriate engagement from the audience. This is highly regarded as one of the main steps to expect your video to go viral on YouTube.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Make your content relevant to your keywords and niche 
  • Provide good quality audio and recording 
  • Make your videography presentable 
  • Language should be perfect (reduce language barriers, highly important)
  • Show respect to religions
  • Catchy content 
  • Work on humour
  • Don’t criticize

Note: Don’t stick to a single trend for a long period. Trends keep changing, you need to change too. In such cases practice flexibility. As long as certain things are trendy, use them after some time has passed, stop !

More on to something new, this way your audience will grow a keen interest in your channel. This also helps to continually update your channel on new trends and improve your standing on YouTube.


YouTube is one of the most important platforms, if you gain a strong foundation on it you can rule on it. Viral videos come with various benefits. Some benefits include more subscribers, Likes, Comments or organic views. No one can stop you from growing on YouTube with a viral video. 

Creating a video that will evidently go viral on YouTube isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to work hard, wreck your nerves and observe the audience. Moreover, you are required to dedicate time and patience. With this I can peacefully conclude what it takes to create a viral on YouTube.

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