Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where My Music Videos Will Be Promoted?

Answer: All your music videos will be promoted on YouTube and its partner websites only. Besides, all our internal networks will be available for promotion.

Q. Do you provide real views or you provide bots?

Answer: We provide 100% real views only. We never provide bot views as other companies do. Customer’s growth is our priority.

Q. Do you promote music of all genres?

Answer: Yes. We promote music of all genres. Musical talents of all genres are welcome in Promozle.

Q. I am a Vloger. Can I promote my video?

Answer: Yes. We promote all kinds of videos and channels of Youtube.

Q. Will I get guaranteed views for my order?

Answer: Yes. We will provide guaranteed views as ordered. The views can be more but not less than the ordered views.

Q. Will you provide subscribers, likes or comments with the views?

Answer: Yes. You have the option to get subscribers, likes or comments with views. with us. You need to select the option while ordering with us.

Q. Are the subscribers, likes, comments guaranteed?

Answer: No, subscribers, likes and comments are not guaranteed. But in most of the promotions, you will get subscribers, likes and comments with views.

Q. Can I order views for watch time?

Answer: Yes, you can choose the option of promotion for watch time. But you need to select the right option while ordering with us.

Q. How much time does it take to start the promotion?

Answer: Once we receive your order, the promotion starts within 24 hours. In very rare cases it takes more time to start the promotion.

Q. How long does it take to complete the promotion?

Answer: Generally, the promotion takes 3-5 days to complete the promotion. There are few cases where the promotion can take longer time to complete.

Q. Can I promote multiple videos in one order?

Answer: Yes. You can opt for channel promotion to promote multiple videos at one go.

Q. Will my monetized channel get affected by promotion with Promozle?

Answer: No. Your YouTube channel will not have any adverse results with the promotion of Promozle as it follows all the terms of YouTube. Your monetized channel will even grow more with Promozle promotion.

Q. Can I check the status of my promotion from Promozle?

Answer: Yes. You can check the detailed status of the promotion in your YouTube Analytics. You can see the result of the promotion in “YouTube Advertising”.

Q. Can I get a refund of my order?

Answer: Yes. You can get a refund if your video follows the promotional terms and policies.

Q. How can I make a payment for my order?

Answer: We have removed PayPal from our website for security issues. To ensure our customers’ security we recommend using Stripe and other payment gateways in our checkout page.

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