Music Video Advertising – A Technique Every Musician Needs

Music Video Advertising – A Technique Every Musician Needs

Releasing your first video of YouTube is exhilarating, waiting hours for your first like, comment or your first subscriber. But as you post more and more videos things don’t seem so optimistic. Moreover, you seem to decline more so than grow. In such situations musicians prefer to utilize music video advertising on YouTube.

When Utilizing YouTube to present your work the whole process is divided into 3 simple steps.

  1. Creating your channel 
  2. Posting your video 
  3. Advertising 

Considering you achieved the first 2 steps, the real hustle starts when advertising comes into picture. Various companies and outlets help Musicians to advertise their music videos or bands. This is because advertising companies are professionals who help in creating and designing ads. The final outcome is greatly favourable to the musicians.

While paid advertising is good not everyone opts this option. If you are looking to advertise your music video on your own, here are a few steps you can try. Follow these simple steps to gain the interest of your audience in an effective way.

Before we get to the main point it’s important to understand what is video advertising ?, and how helpful it is.

Video Advertising 

Video advertising is an online display of advertisements which include videos within them. Generally, these advertisements occur before, in between, or after streaming a video. The main objective of video advertising at various platforms is to raise awareness about your music. Raising awareness will keep your music in the minds of your audience. The goal is to present your work and curry-flavors to attract potential fans. Thus more traffic to your channel.

While that covers up the basics idea for online music promotion, the next question that arises is, “is advertising really important?”

To put it in simple words, if you want to gain likes, Subscribers, fame and a reputation on YouTube, you need advertisements. 

Now we shall discuss simple tricks and techniques by which 1 can achieve good advertising campaigns. 

Steps To Advertise Your Music 

♦ Get Digitally Active

Get digitally active

Believe it or not, there are millions to billions of people who spend more than 3Hrs per day on social media platforms. Getting your YouTube video Ads on these apps helps to create awareness about your work. It should go without saying, sharing work on social media is now a must, people are greatly aware about new happenings through social media. Magazines and newspapers aren’t that bad either but in this digitally-paced world they lack behind. 

♦ Check Out Which App Works Best

Check out which app works best

Your main base is YouTube because that’s where you post your videos. While other apps are roots that connect traffic and audience to your videos. 

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.. are some of the most popular apps for advertising. Here, people post links about their videos and advertise their work. Additionally this technique helps to maximize viewers and subscribers. 

Tips: Encourage your friends, family members and fans to share your content. Additionally, make sure your content is covered with links. 

♦ Emails


Email’s are usually used to contact people professionally. Well, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you can do. Just like a formal letter, type your content in a formal format. You can use this method to gather interest in people. Create an email list and spread the word. It’s important to pay attention to your email list, with the help of a simple email marketing strategy you can achieve the skill. 

♦ Reddit


Try using Reddit to your benefit. Most people aren’t aware that all the viral stories or content usually originate from Reddit. Utilizing Reddit to your advantage is a must. On Reddit, people submit links of the content. Later, users rate these links based on votes. Higher the votes more likely to benefit you. Thus mark Reddit as one of your next  advertising outlets. 

♦ Find People Who Share Similarly With Your Music

Find people who share similarly with your music

Your fans are yet to meet you. While other musicians who started off before you are bustling with fans. You could sneak in, have a look and snatch a few. Sounds stupid, but it’s a good way to attract new viewers. 

Find people who share videos having similar interests. Music video advertising play a vital role to reach their fans. Targeting those fans will surely pull a few fans in. 

♦ Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook’s option of Ads is another powerful asset people don’t think of utilizing. Facebook has a history for being in the world much longer than others. 

While Facebook ads genuinely work well they may not work effectively if the overall presentation is bad. 

Make sure you add something catchy to attract people. Do your best to grab their attention cause if you do that people will come your way.

♦ YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

YouTube’s very own option of YouTube Ads is another powerful resource in marketing. The fantastic thing about YouTube is their unique option to target the audience. YouTube allows channels to target their audience to promote videos. This declutters and draws attention to people who are genuinely interested in your work. Moreover, Based on how you use these tools and the results you yield from, YouTube later charges you. Without gaining any results it wouldn’t charge you. To see your growth you can always check YouTube analytics. Use YouTube ads campaigns as one of your next powerful assets.

♦ Engage With Fans 

Engage with fans

Engage with your fans about yourself or your journey, they love it very much. When people idolize someone they grow eager to know about them. You can keep it a bit mysterious so that your fans get riled up to know more. 

Tip: the best way to keep fans is not just through your music but pulling a mysterious vibe, Young fans love this the most. 

You can also engage with fans by organizing events that are creative. People are finding creative ideas to engage people. You are free to try ideas that are feasible.  Do not limit your service to events for 1 region itself; this will disappoint your fans. Make sure you think about your fans so that you don’t disappoint them. 

♦ Teasers / Behind The Curtains

Teasers behind the curtains

These are the most wonderful moments wherein a fan can really connect to you. You can show some funny moments when you failed or stumbled. As an artist, you probably sang silly or played pranks, showing these bits of behind the curtain scenes. You can also create teasers to gain the curiosity of your fans. Keep them as vague as possible. Don’t reveal too much information. Let your fans sneak a peek and start to get curious. It helps to keep your fans on their toes. 

YouTube music video agencies won’t be easy if you’re trying it on your own. The hassle to write and create good content, blogs and articles will be tough. Moreover, you’ll need to devote  time and  dedication to advertising content. Try your best and work hard. These simple techniques are sure to help you achieve your goals to advertise your music video in a better way. 

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